Short Shifter recommend MK3 250

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  1. Hi guys, i'm new for Megane and it's so exciting to own one! Checking all the forum and page there are few brand selling short shifter like, do you guys have any recommendation and best price? Is it difficult for self installation? thank you
  2. If its a "short shift" your after you can do this yourself
    If its the skeleton type you want, i think there's only 2 makes and are expensive
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  4. ZPO and you'd need good level of mechanics not only to fit but to fine tune once installed
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  5. BB4A4BE5-0558-4148-92BE-0FC21A48490C.png I’ve just bought the new Coolerworx version. £485. More of a palatable price for me.
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  6. Now that a more reasonable price :sunglasses:
  7. What was it like to fit and set up ???

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