Short shifter help.

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  1. My friend in South Africa is having trouble removing his shifter linkage to convert to a short shifter. He has removed the 4 top bolts and the 17mm bolt on the side. Car is in neutral but it won't release. I had mine done by a mechanic so haven't done it myself, but remember reading on here that a common mistake is made by not unbolting an obscured bolt. Can someone refresh my memory so I can relay this to our chum in South Africa please.
  2. bolt in the side of the gearbox casing,going into actuator.
    This is the problem when the actuator lifts out of the box a inch,but wont come any more....and thats the 17mm bolt you are referring to.

    If it wont budge at all..its simply because 12+ years of metal on metal is keeping it there.
    Get a cloth round it,so you can grip tight..and wiggle with everything he has..
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