Short shift.

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  1. Andrew, I'm after a short shift if you have any on the go please. Thanks
  2. I am desperate for one as well Andrew please
  3. guys..i am waiting for returns..i have 2 abroad at the moment..the minute i get a few back i will be in touch.
  4. Thanks very much.
  5. @Andrew - my car is just back from the garage now. Have the old linkage boxed up and I'll have it in the mail tomorrow.

    Cheers again and sorry for the delay.

    Some difference in the shifts!
  6. Cal


    I'm seeing my mechanic in 11 days .. really hope I have this in time ! :smiley:
  7. when manifolds comes back i will have enough to set up the cnc will be yours cal
  8. Cal


    Cannot wait, appreciate the effort Andrew :smile:
  9. Andrew, how much of a back log have you got mate?
  10. @Andrew - with the postal service now to UK
  11. i simply havnt been replying to PMs as i can not keep up with returns coming in in dribs and drabs...we basically need at least 3 to warrant setting up a incredibly expensive to run CNC machine..then need the time to do it,as we make precision engineering parts worth hundreds of it not exactly high up on the list of prioritys.We just do it for beer make almost nothing from it.We might just go into supplying the linkage alone to get rid of reliance on returns..but it will put the price right up as renault will not sell you the linkage seperate..
  12. No tried that with them and the wanted 127 quid for the full unit!
  13. What about chatting a big deposit on the return
  14. We put a £50 deposit on orders...a lot of the time as soon as a mention a deposit they run for the hills!
  15. Andrew, how much do you charge please mate.
  16. Thats mental. I'd do all that I could to get my £50 back I'd I'd paid a deposit.

    I guess the ones that rub a mike wouldn't be that good at returning the arms to you.
  17. Rub a mike?! Is that a euphemism?! :smiley:
  18. Autocorrect at its best
  19. Are these short shifters still available? I recently bought a 225 5dr and want to start making some minor changes to it :smile:

    First challenge is getting the door card back on after fixing the electric windows / locks....
  20. No mate, the bloke who did make them has called it a day due to people not returning the exchange item.
  21. Balls!

    Does anyone else do them or are there any guides on how to make the quickshift?

  22. The is a kind of a guide in the guides section mate.
  23. Thanks, i will have a search to try and find the guides section! Very new to this forum, so thanks for the advise.

  24. I think I need a short shift fitted to my megane, I have on numerous occasions selected the wrong gear! Mostly when pottering around and put it in 5th instead of third, but I did go from 2nd back into 1st instead of 3rd on one occasion, the wife drives the car as much as me and has commented on selecting the wrong gears, is this the problem with the standard shift and hence the reason for the short shift mod?
  25. I haven't got a short shift and pretty much never select the wrong gear. I can see why the short shift is popular though, the standard throw on the box is long for a sports car.
  26. you say pretty much, does that mean you have at some point?

    i find it strange as in 22 years of driving I've never selected the wrong gear before, now I'm a bit cautious of it and it's starting to take the fun out of it, hoping a short shift will solve the problem.
  27. I don't think there's anybody alive that hasn't gotten the wrong gear at some point! If it's happening regularly maybe you have a problem somewhere as it's not something I've even thought about.
  28. I have the same problem. When I first got the car I thought there was a problem with it because when I changed up from 2nd to 3rd the revs would drop right down and acceleration would almost cease completely. Took me a day or two to realise I'd been changing into 5th instead.
  29. I am always slipping the beast into the wrong gear and don't mind admitting it, always at the most in opportune moments too, thank god for the rev limiter cos boy have a had some red face moments on track and with the missus in the car :rolleyes: but boardy's short shift has certainly helped, but I still do the odd slip :mad:
  30. Standard shift is awful..vague,and to long..and yes i always used to miss shifts due to the rubbery gate.
    Shortshift will completely change not just the throw but also the feel of the to a stage 1..the best thing you can do for a meganesport,
    and the reason i sold hundreds worldwide.

    We stopped because of idiots keeping and even selling on exchange units,or not fitting them for months on end if ever..last 3 never heard a word from the nobs that had them,so we packed it in.

    Get the ktec unit..its a direct copy of mine.
    .Do not get the other small actuator arm option thats going around, unless you have a phase 1 wont work right on a 2005-on car,as the arm is to light for the phase 2 actuator to function correct.
  31. Such a shame others ruined it.

    Glad I had 3 or so off of you :wink:
  32. Maybe, I'll go down the short shift mod first to see if that solves it
    This is exactly what I mean
    I've had a bit of an embarrassing moment on my local dragstrip, not that it would have made any difference lol

    Cheers for the confirmation, it's the only issue I have with the car, I'll keep my eye out for one of yours to come up for sale, failing that I'll get a ktec unit, cheers

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