Short shift.

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  1. andrew's inbox full. This place isnt like meganesport is it where you get 3 messages including sent items!!?

    Also very interested in getting one of these.

    Many thanks,
  2. Is it possible to get the shaft in the new modified arm the wrong way round??

    Tested end it with the cables connected and seems to be only operating 3rd and 4th gear no neutral so I guess I have got the shaft in the wrong way round!
  3. Yes, gear selector fork needs to face the front of the car, horizontal bar has to face front and vertical is at the back of the box.

    Had loads of pics somewhere but can't find them now.
  4. Yes it is sorted it now thanks Keefylad.

    How is carp is the air box feed tube? Tiny pipe to nowhere!
  5. Its a Renault thing, probably cost thousands to design that air box someone called Jon Claude or summat lol
  6. not full inbox can hold 500 messages,and its almost always near full...rsmegane inbox..50 messages..and i get 10-ish a day!!!..doesnt take long to fill up catching me out,as this includes sent messages!
  7. Drilled some bleed holes in it but will rig up a cold air ram pipe at some point.

    Short shift is dogs bollocks
  8. Had this for about a week now and I'm loving it I'd recommend it to anyone and it's easy to fit definately one of the best things you can do to your car for pence :smile:
  9. Shortshift for a MRS 2 225

    Hello Andrew,
    I'd like to get a shortshift for my MRS2 225 manufactured at the end of 2008. Please let me know if you can help me - I hope you do, I joined this forum specifically to get this upgrade.
    Many thanks,
  10. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    Id there a version that will fit a DCI 175? Or are there any other options?
  11. dc1 175 doesnt have the ndo gearbox,so shortshift wont work ..shame.
  12. Nicu.i have sent shortshifts all over the world including france..will PM you later with details.
  13. Hi Andrew would you be able to PM me also, with the details many thanks
  14. are you turkish dave or turkish dave1 or both!..i have PMS from both.
  15. Andrew could you message me with the details too... many thanks :smile:
  16. And me please.
  17. Both, sorry, tried to sign up as turkishdave but it didn't send me email to activate, so I tried using my other email and it worked,could you send me some details when you have a chance mate, the gears on my megane are letting the car down
  18. chaps,i will get back to you as soon as i can,i have 2 linkages on there way to australia,which leaves me just 2 in circulation.
  19. Ok cheers mate,really hoping this mod helps with the gear changes
  20. Posting mine back to you tomorrow mate with another one from mark b aswell,,,the short shift is epic..wat a difference it makes,
    thanks again!!!!!
  21. brilliant mate ..we need all we can get.
  22. Cal


    Is there a basic fitting guide kicking round for these, scanned the thread but couldn't see anything?

    How long would it take an experienced Renault mechanic?
  23. Its in the`how to` section on here..its not as good as mine..but its a guideline.
    A rnault mechanic would fit it in 2 hours..we do them in 1..but we have done more than anyone else in the world!
  24. Hi Andrew, i have tried to message you but your inbox is full..... are you still selling the short shift kits? if so how do i go about purchasing one?
  25. I know I'm late in getting my old one back Andrew but have other pressing issues, should have it back in the next few weeks tho!

    As an aside, I see k-tec are selling a short shifter also now.
  26. next few weeks..bloody hell mate..i always have people queing fast as you can..i cant keep up with orders
    Yes and Ktec want £240 for it.
  27. Mate of mine has a complete linkage if your interested andrew £100 inc P&P
  28. 'Other pressing issues' ?? Ffs man pull your finger out and get to the post office! This guy relies on quick turnaround and needs the old ones posted back as soon as. How can it take 'a few weeks' To get to a Fekin post office ?
  29. yes gets full so quick with only 50pm`s stored..i get 3-5 a day!

    We are waiting for returns..i currantly have all 5 out..some holding on to returns for it slows it all down to a crawl at times...will PM you when i have a few back
  30. £240???

    Thats what I call K-tax
  31. £100 inc delivery Andrew
  32. to be fair it seems you get the actuator as well..which is pointless unless you have a older megane 2004-05,whos acctuators are getting tired now..still just the £180 more than mine!
  33. pmd u on the other site steve.
  34. okay Andrew, thanks mate. Do you have any idea as to when they will get back to you?
  35. I've had other issues with the car that have put a dent in my plans if you must know :worried:
  36. Its all up to the punters..i have 5 out at the moment
  37. Cal


    So if I don't get one in the next few weeks I can blame them? :smiley:

    I can't believe how people don't have it as a priority to return within a day or two..
  38. we get our good ones..but we also get others that hold on to them for makes it difficult when they come back in dribs and drabs as setting up the cnc machine costs us we try to do at least 3 at a time.
  39. Nothing to do with me at all but you must be able to get it sent back quicker or get someone to do it for you, people are relying on you, come on play the game, it's only fair.
  40. /\ exactly

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