Short shift.

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  1. Again,unless you have access to CNC machine tools,how do you know where to put the ball stud?
    If you have access to a press,you just press out the one you have and re-fit it
  2. Hey Andrew. I dropped you a PM regarding short shifter but unsure if it's sent or not so drop me a message if you see this please.
    Cheers, Kriss
  3. I have it computer is having issues..will answar you as soon as i can make it stable
  4. No probs. thanks
  5. you are really making science about this... I know you make money from this, etc, but stop making a science out of it.

    i measured for half the shifter throw, checked if the rubber will hit the housing or the plastic that goes on top of the ball stud, drilled a hole straight and taped it with M8 tread... I have also shortened the side to side movement.

    and IT WORKS ON DCI ALSO as they have the same linkage as all ph1

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1300180535525490_zpsc54d4d4d.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk13001808198882031_zps430671a2.jpg
    [​IMG] ImageUploadedByTapatalk1300180580643367_zps0644b095.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1300180678621893_zps458c29d5.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1300180909841805_zps8009417e.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1300180947937822_zps90cc077b.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk13001810410082671_zpsd94ff31e.jpg

    PS: mine is shorter than the one in the pictures. ball stud is on the same height and not on an angle...
  6. You have raised the ballstud like i said with a washer..thats why its not at a angle.
    You have no idea how the shifter is going to perform 12 months down the line with your guessed measurements.
    I am trying to help you,but you want to make it into a argument.

    We charge £65 for a you have any idea how much engineers normally charge per hour???..if you do,then you would. realise we dont do it for money,we do it to help club members.

    And i suppose to do a phase 2 linkage you would just take a angle grinder to it would you?

    This is engineering pal,not someone messing around with a power drill ,who doesnt understand the possible implications months down the line.
  7. Have ya got mine back yet? :-)
  8. i think so mate..havnt seen the lads today for returns..did you put any of your details inside so i know its you?
  9. Did mine get sent out Andrew?
  10. hah, phase 2 would be in a CNC mill :wink: don't worry , I know how much one can charge, I am a Naval architect, and also a grease monkey since I was 4 year old, and working with power tools since I was 7 or 8.

    I didn't want to make it an argument, but you were assuming I was a total idiot who doesn't understand a thing about mechanics...
    just for a reference, my work was seen and won the Von Neuman Janos technical innovations with redesigned engine 7 years ago, where there were some very appreciated engineering society members :wink: currently working on EU FP7 founded projects in developing new solutions for ships etc....

    I appreciate your work, but I want to say, don't judge a man so easily and think everyone is below you.

  11. yep its in the original box in a jiffy and I put gjonmat on the box :-)
  12. How's it going john ? I'm eagerly anticipating one:smile:
  13. And meeeee! :smile:
  14. You really do have a chip om your shoulder..if you are anything of a professional,you would be doing things correct using the appropriate tooling and not a damn round about measurement...i send these all over the world and do not do things by half..ok.

    I never assumed you were just read that into my comments when i was trying to help you,as i have seen all manner of costly mistakes..understand?

    How dare you try to judge me on a few dont anything about me,or the work i do to help out club members

    So naval engineers drive round in old meganes these days then..perhaps a change of career is in order.
  15. My apology.

    Ps. Im not alone so money goes to lot of places. And in croatia my payement is considered very high. I also have two bikes :smile:
  16. ok mate..i will paypal over your deposit..cheers
  17. I never intended to offend you,
    i didnt know your scenario,and have seen many a mistake that has wrecked expensive linkages
    I was trying to inform you of some pitfalls you might not of been aware of...
  18. Thanks for that.

    Ps your work is very nice and tight. And for lot of people it is better not to mess on their own.
  19. kriss and eggcakes...we need at least 2 back before we set up the mentioned in this little exchange..cnc machining is a costly enterprise,and for the money we charge,it really is not financially viable
    to just do one at a time.

    I am hoping to get at least 2 back this week...i will be in touch lads..
  20. No worries whenever you can I'm in no major rush thanks
  21. back in your account gordon..cheers
  22. it should have gone..i emailed the office yesterday to tell them there should be someone there to sign for it.
    Will phone in a minute to see if t defo went..if it has,you need to make sure someone can sign..or it will come back to me..thats couriers for you

  23. My god you have used another one of my names the FBI will be on to me soon :-) and shifter is great now I have used it more :-) jon aka Joe aka gjonmat aka Gordon!!
  24. You have heard of the man with no name..this obviously is not you!..or is it clint?
  25. You really are an enigma aren't you Brian
  26. international man of mystery..
  27. Its Michael till midnight (Monday) then trever on Tuesday :-)
  28. That's a point I was calling you Austin wasn't i lol
  29. Yep did you look on my timeline angel said "morning Austin" so I put up a few austins :-)
  30. Well said mate. I'm a mechanical engineer. Well I'm a department leader for a firm and I look after all the CNC milling at my company and completely agree that correct machinery and tooling should be used.

    I could get mine on the machines at work but would much rather pay yourself who's done this numerous times than do it myself to be a bit of a cowboy effort.

    Ps andy I'll mail you my info tomorrow
  31. Didn't notice tbh
  32. there were lots of stuff made before CNC, NC, or other, and have had lasted longer than todays products...
    for phase 1, you don't need a cnc, you just need to know how to use a drill, and drill at correct angle at correct point and tap it couldn't be more simple...
    today many "engineers" don't know how to hold a drill in their hand, how to drill with it... or to use an angle grinder... you can cut within 0.1mm with it if you know how to use it... but they know to handle an CNC...
  33. I don't dispute there's skilled men out there that can do that. But a lot of my tolerances are 0.013mm. I also make components for renault F1 so .1 on a component spinning at 23,000rpm can make a huge difference.

    The work you're referring to is more fabrication than precision machining
  34. What milos has done,and with his experience in the trade,he has a good chance of the drilling/tapping being in a exceptable position.
    The danger is when someone just has a go with a power drill ,with no experience or idea what they are doing...i have seen them,resulting in a unusable gear shift.

    For the little we charge,its really best left to people that have experience in this..
    .if you tried to buy a shortshift from a motorsport trader,you would be talking hundreds of pounds.

    But agreed..if you have the skills,and are confident of the positioning...then carry on
  35. tbh i myself am quite a competent mech engineer but without knowing reference points etc i wouldnt feel confident attempting this myself
    i'd rather pass this onto someone who has the jigs or correct 0/0 ref points to measure from :smile:
  36. I'd rather just pay the little money like you say. I wouldn't feel confident taking on the task. Few mech engineers on here I like it
  37. engineers and a love for cars seems to be universal!
  38. Yeah definitely. It goes hand in hand so well too. That's why I love this forum. So much knowledge and help at hand
  39. Anyone have Andrew Jeffs number they can pm me? Am fitting short shift but doesn't seem to be right one!
  40. Hi andrew just watching new wheeler dealers and reminded me to ask you any news on a ph2 shifter thanks

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