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  1. Dan


    Good Morning Guys and Girls..

    Has one put a short shift on there R26/R26.R?

    After having a blast in the 26.R last night I am thinking a short shift would make a nicer drive.


  2. Hi Dan,

    There is a modification available for part of the standard gear linkage that will shorten the throw - it's a good improvement over standard on the R26, I'm not sure if the R26.R is the same.

    Mine already had one fitted when I bought it so I don't have the contact details of the guy who makes them, but they were supplied on an exchange basis for your standard part.

    Hopefully someone else can help with the details?
  3. Andrewjeffs is you man....
  4. Dan


    Thank you..

    Is here a member on here, I did do a search but no luck.

  5. Liquidf1

    Liquidf1 Forum Trader

    Hmmm the short shifter is based on the r26r linkage but the one's I have felt from andrewjeffs are even shorter so should be what your after Dan
  6. I drove to him in north Devon. Linkage modified and reffited in about a hour for 55 quid. DO IT! Best mod you will do I promise
  7. I agree with you there mate fantastic mod I fitted mine in about an hour
  8. I should be fitting the sort shift to my megane on Tuesday, been wanting it for ages!
  9. Ash87

    Ash87 RSM Moderator

    Great mod, love mine.
  10. Linky or contact deets for the north devon guy? And is it only r26 it fits?
  11. He is on the other forum as andrewjeffs or something similar. It's for the whole range I believe but I think it differs slightly between Phs1 and 2 but he has one of each for exchange or go there and he will do yours for you
  12. I've just linked Andrew to this thread so hopefully he'l pop in at some point!

    But its a great piece of kit i had mine a few months ago, tbh i wasnt 100% sure after i fitted it as it felt so different. But after a day or so i thought it was fab after adjusting to the new shorter shift, he's very helpful and done a full guide on how to change it over to, its a piece of piss just make sure you have some drift pins (6mm i think!?) Or if you drive to him in devon he'l fit it for free (I think)
    I wouldn't like a standard shift again tbh!
  13. I supply the shortshifts if anyone is interested.
    .its available for meganes from 2004-2008, with 2 variant's available for early and newer cars.

    I have supplied/ fitted most of the shortshifts to members in this country,
    as well as many international members in austraila,hong kong,poland,germany,belgium and france

    This mod will not fit mk3 meganesports and mk2 175 diesel models.

    You can drive to me,or with some mechanical it yourself on a exchange basis.

    When I get time I will upload the fitment guide..

    PM me for more details..
  14. So dan are you saying you've driven an R26.R which has a shorter throw than your own R26.R , the R26.R has a shorter throw than a standard R26 from factory and to me it's perfect , I wouldn't mess with it if I were you
  15. Our shortshift is essentially the same principal as the R26R`s shift.
    If you put the 2 linkages together,they are very similar
    We just alter the gear cable stud location slightly to make the throw even more positive/shorter.

    Stever26r is your man to tell you how a modded r26 and r26r compare...he has had both.

    a R26 with good brakes,stage1 and our shortshift is a hard to beat package.
  16. Dan


    2009 fitment ok?
  17. If its a mk2 renaultsport then its ok..cant be to many registered in 2009..possibly only R26R`s
  18. I went to andrewjeffs too! Such a huge improvement, def worth doing.
  19. Daz


    I'll be honest I actually can't remember what it was like before I swapped mine over!
  20. I can remember what it's like, and it's not good! Def ten times better with the short shift fitted
  21. Blimey daz..yours was one of the first we wonder your memory is fading!
  22. Daz


    ^^ Ha!

    I guess mine was tainted a little b the fact I needed a whole new unit :smile:
  23. Happening more and more now daz as the meganes get older,
  24. Daz


    It's been spot on since, falls back to centre likeca good un :-)
  25. Yes mate,we are getting some in totally seized. Especially if the car has sat for a while.
    Amazing how people change gear with the force required ...only going to end in a snapped cable.
  26. Love my short shift :smile: it was a bit like stirring porridge before.
  27. Everybody does..we have over 100 sold/fitted now. all over the world.
  28. For the guys waiting for shifters,we have had one lost in the post!
    Sorry, but it will hold things up a bit,until i can find out were its gone.
  29. Are you still selling these Andrew?
  30. Pm sent.
  31. Dan


    PM sent
  32. Can anyone tell me what is the diameter of the stud (ball part of it obviously). as I want to prepare it before i disasemble the link.
    Thanks in advance for the answer.
  33. I want one. I've just gone from 1st to 4th twice and shit myself something was wrong with the car. "wtf, why do I have no power?!"
  34. pm sent
  35. Andrew can you send me some information please?

    Is it easy to fit?
  36. pm sent
  37. oops sorry..inbox now cleared!
  38. anyone ??
  39. Is there not a guide with the info on ?
  40. milos..i dont know,i dont machine them..
    its done by the guys that machine them for me.

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