Short shift mod 3rs

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  1. Evening all,

    is anyone in the West Yorkshire locality who has had the diy method done of the short shift mod that i could see the results of?

    second part to this is would someone with experience be able to do this for me on my 265 for some ££ ?

    thanks in advance
  2. The short shift mod on a mk3 is as easy as it is on a mk2 phase 1 and the cost is peanuts.

    Basically, take the battery out, battery tray out, drill and tap the lever, cut off a piece of one of the brackets, job done.

    I have put this up on this forum somewhere
  3. Hi ian,

    many thanks for replying.

    I have read the thread, just didn’t want to risk doing it myself as i’m not too savvy with this sort of thing, so happy to pay someone on the forum to do the diy route and ideally not pay for a £150 short shift kit from 4h!

    second to third feels a little too notchy in comparison to other gear shifts so i’m hoping this along with a gearbox oil change will be the solution
  4. It will be the gearbox, mine did it, syncro on third went forth started getting notchy, i got a used box from ebay and stripped my box.
    Waiting for new parts, there not that expensive, but while your at it it's worth replacing the bearings as there a bit suspect
  5. If it comes to that later down the line, will sort bearings too mate cheers
    I’ve got about 6 months left on this warranty with Renault so not sure if it’s worth getting them to have a look if it is the synchro’s or if they would class as wear an tear

    looking to go down the route of a short shift mod, gearbox oil change and lubricate the linkages which i’m hopeful could be the answer

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