ShaneBe's RS275 Trophy

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by ShaneBe, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. I'll get a video tomorrow.

    Yeah trackdays will be mad when everything goes back to normal
  2. Don´t tell me! How much fuel I´ll burn on tracks when this circus finish!!:weary::weary::weary:
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  3. Not even worth thinking about it
    I have seen an average of 8.5mpg for two days at Spa, normally get around 10-12mpg on track :sunglasses::sunglasses:
  4. :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: Thats what I mean Ian, right now only think in burn and burn fuel, don´t matter how much!! Pedal to the metal!:tonguewink:
  5. Haha have you guys got any booked?
  6. A few

    Castle combe on the 10th April
    Bedford on the 22nd April
    Castle combe on the 23rd April
    Thruxton on the 25th May
    Donongton on the 16th June
    LeMans on the 28th September
    Nurbirgring on the 11October
    Silverstone on the 8th November

    Sure more will be added :laughing::laughing:
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  7. Nice!

    I only have Silverstone booked for 13th May.

    How is Bedford? I live 20 mins away but have never been to it?
  8. I like it, loads of run off if you get it wrong, the GT circuit is 4.2 miles a lap

    If only i lived that close to a track :cry::cry:

    Noise level is a bit low for a drive by, but not had any problems with mine
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  9. Gave the car a much needed clean!

    From always having Japanese cars with no rear wiper I hated mine on the megane so fitted a wiper delete (not to everyone's taste but I think it looks much better)

    Camera mount in and ready for Silverstone in 2 weeks!

    Wheels are abit scuffy so going to get them refurbished, are the standard wheels gloss or matte?

    Fitted ITG intake a couple of weeks ago, give the car a much better note and will make the difference come remap time

    20210423_192846.jpg 20210423_192853.jpg 20210423_192903.jpg 20210423_192911.jpg 20210423_192923.jpg 20210423_192940.jpg
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  10. Like me! I usually remove the rear wiper in all the car I had. Yours looks perfect! What kind of plug are you used?
  11. Thanks!

    I got the kit from kill all wipers, came pretty quickly and comes with a detailed guide, pretty simple
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  12. Is the camera mount bolted in place?
    If not I doubt they’ll let you on track with it.
  13. It doesn't need to be bolted. They are juet totally again suction on the windscreen, I'll have some zip ties with me just in case
  14. Gave the car a quick clean before Silverstone tomorrow

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  15. Looks amazing but l bet it won’t stay that clean for long :worried: have a great time

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  16. So yesterday at Silverstone was incredible and very.... wet.

    I can't belive the grip and sturdiness of the megane, couldn't fault it and I learnt alot from the soaking conditions!

    I did notice the lack of power down the straights compared to my brothers fk8 but I'm not too concerned about that, may go down the remap route I'm in two minds. JEN_5020.JPG JEN_4620.JPG JEN_4618.JPG JS1_5099.JPG
  17. My brothers fk8, I went out in this and its unreal

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  18. I'm giving the car a little service tomorrow.
    I can't wait to try out the winmax pads :grin:

    Engine oil change
    Gearbox oil change
    Winmax w5 front a rear
    Oem brembo discs
    spark plugs

  19. Car looks ace. Love a white one. About the mapping, just had mine done at EFI on Saturday. 100% recommend Chris, top bloke!
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  20. So little update, had all my belts done last week new plugs, oils etc car runs like a dream!

    If anyone lives in Buckinghamshire beaniesport I would 1000% recommend!

    Upcoming plans:

    Roll cage
    Ar1s or cup 2 depending if I can find a set of track wheels
    Zero point shifter
    And alot of track days!!
  21. I have heard only good things about efi!

    I'm thinking either rs tuning or efi
  22. EFI all the way
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  23. I've never used Efi but only heard good things. I have used RSTuning and can highly recommend!

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  24. Once met Chris from EFI unlike to want go elsewhere
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  25. What about engine dynamics?

    I seem to see the same names pop up

    Engine dynamics

  26. have you had these fitted yet? They are epic, the stopping power is unbelievable. Are you using slotted or plain discs? if you havent fitted and have the option to return and go plain discs i would. Apparently better on wear but the noise that the W5 pads make on the slotted discs is bizarre.
  27. I have fitted them! They are really really good! Yet to take them on track to see how they fair.

    I went with plain discs . The squeal is horrific but the stopping power is worth it
  28. Amazing, however image the squeal and a strange disc noise combined... but well worth it :smile:
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  29. I have always used ds1.11 road and track. I use plain Disks, and inherited W5. On my R26, there is less initial bite, but they are very progressive, stopping power being on a par with the DS1.11.Never had any fade/squeal/pad pick up. I will give the w6.5 a go next.
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  30. My headlight blew so decided on upgrading to something a bit better as the oem bulbs are awful.

  31. MattP

    MattP RSM Club Member

    How have you found these? - just got my Trophy and can’t believe how bad the headlights are!
  32. They are an improvement over oem candle lights but still no where anything you find on new cars/HID'S etc.
  33. MattP

    MattP RSM Club Member

    So weird they didn’t sort this - my mk3 Clio I came from had better!
  34. Update :

    Ordered a few parts that should all be coming tomorrow.

    Sw half cage
    Airtec stage 2 intercooler

    I have been reading some stories about the airtec stage 2 on here about people getting high temps? I'm in two minds about returning for a stage 1 or sticking with it.

    I've had full intercoolers by airtec before with no problems at all
  35. Cage is in!

    Sw half cage

    Also airtec stage 2 intercooler has been returned will be buying either stage 1 or wagner
    20210915_203307.jpg 20210915_203338.jpg
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  36. You don´t have problems with MOT with the cage? I mean, is legal in England to drive with one? Here is a pain in the ass to make it legal, and of course, a lot of money. Fucking country mine...:weary::weary:
  37. Yeah you can have a cage in a road car in the uk @manugtt
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  38. As I said, this country is full of stupid and no sense rules. Pay for everything, that´s matter:rage::rage::rage:
    Sorry for my offtopic guys!
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