Set of 4 Tyre Pressure Sensors for Megane 3 RS

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Eddie_, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. WANTED: Would anyone have a set of tyre pressure sensors for sale for Megane 3? Part number 407000435R.
  2. I bought a set direct from VDO/siemens. I work in the heavy vehicle trade and we do tachograph calibrations etc so we have a direct account so a set cost me about 70 quid but you may be able to go direct if you do not anyone in the trade.
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  3. That’s good to know and also very cheap! I do work in the motor trade but don’t think we would have an account with the above :worried:.
  4. Bump.

    In the process of buying another set of wheels and would like another set of tyre pressure sensors if anyone has a set?
  5. Do you want me to see if i can bring them in for you?
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  6. Yes please.
  7. Il look into it tomorrow and let you no.
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  8. matt205

    matt205 RSM Club Member

    I bought a set of "China" ones from Aliexpress, they work a treat.

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