Set of 4 20mm Spacers

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by Eddie_, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. FOR SALE;

    I have a set of 4 x 20mm spacers for sale, suitable for Megane 3 RS (5x114.3).

    These bolt to hub and also come with bolts to bolt your wheels onto the spacers. (No need for longer wheel bolts etc).

    These where sold to me as being H&R but I cannot find any stamp to confirm this on the spacers.

    They are in used condition and I am currently in the process of degreasing them etc.

    Make me an offer!

    Photos to follow.
  2. Poppaboost

    Poppaboost RSM Club Member

    All ads have to include a price Eddie.
  3. Hi Eddie , assuming all the threads are good in the spacers etc , I would offer £30 +a bit of postage. Regards Dave.
  4. CJ_RSport

    CJ_RSport RSM Moderator

    Eddie, can you edit post with a price please
  5. Hi, I don’t seem to be able to edit the post?
  6. Sold!

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