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  1. Hi guys, first post here

    so I recently purchased a lovely 250 Megane in sport yellow with the cup pack etc etc and im loving it, its quite low mileage for a 10-11 year old car (57,000) and im not sure how to approach servicing, in the past particularly with cheaper cars, i've always serviced cars myself, but with the megane, im wondering, do i service it myself or send it to a specialist? Ive worked out that its way way way cheaper to do it myself but i dont want to shoot myself in the foot potentially and service it myself and have no stamps in the book and ruin the "FSH"

    what do you guys do with your megs regarding servicing?
  2. Independent specialist would probably be the best option to keep it slightly cheaper and maintain the fsh.
    If you can get the parts cheaper supply them yourself to keep costs lower.
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  3. depends how long want to keep, short term (couple years) find good indi and avoid reno main dealer, long term diy as oil change are easy (well....apart from that filter)
  4. You youre absolutely right, i hope to keep it as long as i can, ive never enjoyed driving a car as much as i enjoy driving this, it also looks the tits IMO, fantastic car, still a lot to think about
  5. Take it to your local friendly independent, if you wish buy your own replacement parts?

    Its worth it just to have someone change the oil filter which could not be in a more awkward place,
    if you can avoid the oil running up your arm and all over the cross member good luck to you.
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