Service schedule for 250/265

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  1. As few of us was asking when to change / service RS 250/265 I popped in to Renault to get a printed service schedule.

    I hope it will be helpful.

  2. Here's a screenshot of more detail

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  3. Thanks for that both, looks like the 4th year service might be quite costly compared to the previous 3!
  4. Thanks for that, been looking for a service schedule.

  5. It is exactly what I have received, but I took a picture that part which is the most interesting :wink:
  6. It must be a new Renault policy, not providing a service schedule now. The wife has a 14 plate Clio and that didn't come with one.

    I guess they would rather you wait till the ECU decides and then book it straight in with them. Makes it hard to budget when you don't know what and how often though.
  7. Does it not include a countdown like the 250? It counts down from 12k miles or 24 months - whichever is first.
  8. Yeah it does count down miles but not date (I think!) but you still don't know what will need doing so how much it will cost roughly.

    Is that correct btw, 24 months? MkII is 12k/12 months.
  9. Pretty sure mine says 24 months as well.. will have to check when I next get in the car!
  10. It is correct for our climate. Australian versions have 10 k km or 1 year.
  11. Yeah they changed it when the MKIII came in.

    Dealers will still do a standard service every year if you want, but it's not required for the warrantee. I tend to get the oil/filter/health check done along with the MOT anyway.

    Just had my 3rd service and it was £203 including the MOT. I already changed the brake fluid so they just checked that. They didn't bother with the plugs and to be honest on less than 30k and with no problems I'm happy to do them when needed. Another stamp in the book anyway :smile:
  12. It only shows the milage countdown, but it will have a time countdown aswel just not shown.
  13. Mine displays both at once
  14. Actually your right matt, thinking about it the screen is dashed between the two on the 250/265.
  15. Mine shows both too. Currently reads 3400mls / 4 months.
  16. Up.
  17. Some of you were looking for service schedule for mk3 RS, so I am bumping thread.
  18. Does anyone have a service schedule for Australian RS 250/265 Cup? I'm in the market and there's various log books, some are 10000km, some are 15000km. Also would like to know what's to be done at each and what an A-service is and a B-service. Txs guys

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