Selling megane 275 cup-s

Discussion in 'Cars For Sale' started by Peter Cresswell, Oct 14, 2023.

  1. Hi all I'm going to be selling my low miles (24k) megane in collector's condition As it left the factory (no mods) owned over 4 years always garaged not used winter months flame red with factory fitted Akrapovic,Ohlins,Recaro,alcantara,rs monitor
    19",tints etc.I would keep it but it's just not getting used,factory fresh paintwork with the odd small stone chips as expected.mature owner.looking for £18500 Ono.
  2. Hi Peter, did you sell this in the end?

  3. IMG_20220814_152858.jpg IMG_20220823_233942.jpg IMG_20220814_152931.jpg Hi all,I am now in the process of getting ready to sell my Mégane over the summer.probobly one of the best unmolested low mileage examples left (future classic for sure) never been painted,always garaged and taken off the road winter months.over £8k of factory options.anyone interested please contact me for more information IMG_20220814_152858.jpg IMG_20220823_233942.jpg
  4. Did I pass you at the Galleries in Washington?
  5. Hi paddy,no not me I'm in north west.
  6. Someone local has the same spec as you then, looked lovely!

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