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  1. No. I quit whilst I was ahead. Unless someone else comes up with a definitive solution I'm content with the red light for now.
  2. If I were to wedge in the resistors bridging what needs to be done, do you then just leave the yellow connectors unconnected?
  3. Yes mate
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  4. I've got rid of the seat belt warning light on the display unit.

    Split it apart and tape over the film with the symbol from the inside. You can't remove the light as it's a soldered in led jobby.
  5. Just messaged Mick about the warning lights and he reckons he can re configure the car for the seats so i'll find out if he can and let you know.
  6. Mick who. Diamond motors Mick?

    If so he had a try last summer on mine. Couldn't do it.
  7. Yeah Diamond Motors Mick, he seems confident, so we will see what happens.
  8. Too late for me, I've done an permanent fix. I'd be interested to know if he can do it now though.
  9. Just tried to fit the resistors to my Megane. Fitting Megane RS recaros to a sport seat Megane.

    I've read the above and slight confused?
    Chris says to bridge 4&5 plus 6&7, however semtax's pic is 14&15, 16&17?

    Could someone who has fitted the Megane Recaros to a non Recaro Megane add a pic of how they did it? Would be really appreciate it!
  10. I did it my way. It worked.

    Recaro from a 2010 250 Cup into a non recaro 2010 250 Cup.
  11. I'm in no doubt it worked, but looking at the images above it's confusing. So Semtax has bridged the wrong connectors? (14&15, 16&17).
  12. I don't know mate. Try both methods maybe, to see if there is any difference ??

    The images I posted are from K-Tech IIRC.
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  13. Thats not my Image so dont use that as reference. It could be from a clio or something. I was just referring to the way the resistors has been stuck into the socket rather than soldered.
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  14. Thanks mate, clears things right up for me.
  15. Jos


    So to bump this topic... I've just fitted the recaro's in my non recaro 250.

    Now I've got the airbag light on. Came across this topic.. however all the images of the PDF are gone.

    Can anyone send me the images or the PDF?

    Also, if I use the resistors to get rid of the airbag light, does the side airbag in the recaro's still work? Thanks! :smile:
  16. Airbags in the seats won't work. You will still get a red airbag light showing on the RS Monitor / Radio display. I took mine apart and blanked it with insulation tape. The main light on the dash will turn off though.

    I'm working on uploading the images with another host. Photobucket won't even let me view the PDF images on my account. I can't remember where I upload the images from.

    Bare with me.
  17. So, with a little bit of patience (fcuk you Photobucket!) this is about the best I can do for now.

    Hope it helps.

    25485681747_bfcc3326c4_z.jpg Seats 1 by chris davidson, on Flickr

    40357559961_9c810b3318_z.jpg Seats 2 by chris davidson, on Flickr
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  18. Jos


    I thought so about the airbags not working. However I currently do not have a red light on the left side of my sat nav, so I wonder if that will change once I bridge the wires with a resistor.

    Thank you very much for uploading the new pictures, and indeed, greedy photobucket sucks!
  19. Jos


    Also, since the original recaro's have the side airbag (is that the "pelvic chest" airbag?).. shouldn't it be okay to just bridge pin 4&5 for the anti sub airbag which is the only one missing from the recaro's?

    Or am I thinking the wrong way? :smile:
  20. I don't know. I just followed the above and the dash light went out.

    I didn't fit the diode. Not had any issues in the time I've had them fitted.
  21. Jos


    Alright, thanks again mate!

    Going to try if just bridging 4&5 for the anti sub airbag is enough. Also hoping the red light on the side of the satnav/radio will stay off, haha
  22. Jos


    So, for good measure. The resistors arrived, bridged the wires 4&5 for the anti sub airbag, which weren't present in the seat connector (6&7 for the side/chest airbag were present as I expected, since the side/chest airbag is present in the seat)..... and voila! Airbag light off.

    Thanks for the PDF pics and guidance guys!
  23. Has anyone taken this a step further and removed seatbelts? I’ve got harnesses both sides no so have removed inertia reels, you guessed it, more lights.

    I measured the resistance across the reel with a multimeter, about 1ohm, I’m going to give it a try but that seems a bit low to me. Anyone fixed this too?
  24. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

  25. Shutup you cunt. I cant tape over the whole led display warning its tits off
  26. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Just cycled through it, you wanker, then.

    Bloody West wannabe.
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  27. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  28. Does the above seat belt warning light problem mean that the OE Recaros don't have a passenger weight sensor inside the seat?
  29. Anyone down South I can access the airbag ECU on the 250/265/275 and tell it what is no longer fitted. This then turns the airbag light off and the red seatbelt light off. Complies with mot and takes me about 5 minutes with my laptop.

    Have done it on quite a few members cars after having the same problem on my own 250 when I fitted Recaros. Last time I was at Brands I did three Meganes!
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  30. Don't suppose you can do it on the R26?

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  31. Hi mate. Fairly sure I can as they use the same airbag ECU as the Mk2 Clio I think. Can't say for definate until I try one though.
  32. Sorted my 250 today with the following, no lights on at all now!

    Drivers side
    3.9 ohm between 4&5 6&7
    100 ohm between 11&12

    Passenger side
    3.9 ohm between 4&5 6&7 11&12
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  33. Can anyone tell me the colours of the wires in the pins for airbags on the drivers side? I have green 7, pink 6 with dots, brown 5 and white 4. Bridging these doesn’t work. Passenger side is fine...
  34. 0343C407-026B-48FB-BD01-2030F6EE0858.jpeg
  35. its 6 (pink dots) and 7 (green) this corespondents to 6 (blue) and 7 (yellow) on other connector
  36. I have done this today 23.5.20 following these instructions. Spot on, no airbag or seatbelt lights, perfect. Thanks.
  37. just to resurrect this thread i have a 250 on std seats, no cs seats. fitting some buckets, got access to the plugs. is it the same pins as above on a car with std seats ..thenks
  38. You don't actually need a resistor going across. The problem with the resistor method is that you are fooling the car into thinking the airbag/pretensioner exists which means in the event of a collision the car will try and deploy the airbag so if you are going to use a resistor please make sure it's fused.

    You can use CLIP or DDT4ALL which is a free software to completely disabled every airbag/pretensioners etc. it's all configurable. Ofcourse you have to be very careful with making ECU changes.

    I have a Megane 3 RS replica which I installed Recaro CS seats to and also installed yellow seatbelts. The yellow back left and right don't have pretensioners but my car had pretensioners so I disabled it completely instead of using resistors.

    When I installed the Recaro CS seats the passenger one on the Recaro doesn't have seat buckle sensor and passenger occupancy sensor either. And both seats don't have the lap airbag either so I disabled it all using ddt4all and works a treat and car isn't looking for it at all.
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  39. 2010 rs250, bucket seats and after market wheel with no airbag. Car has been stored since last year, pulled it out the garage and airbag light popped on.
    Tested all my resistors in the seats connectors and all appear to be okay.

    any ideas what could have caused this?
    MOT due next month too :worried:

  40. To add to that, car on trickle charger, so battery shiuld be okay.

    I have also disconnected battery and reconnected several times including re seating resistors - still have the airbag light on

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