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  1. I have the airbag light, spanner & heated seat light on the dash after fitting new seats. Will Clip remove these or do i need resistors, if so what resistors are needed?Cheers
  2. You need resistors but I can't remember which ones. I'm sure they were 3 ohm.
  3. I have read on the Clio forum, 3.9ohm? Do people just scotch blok into original wiring or attach to connector.
  4. I soldered mine on the put heat shrink over the top.
  5. I've got this to contend with at the end of this month. I'm told it can be re-programmed using clip. I've yet to ask but I'm hoping Mick at diamond motors can do it. Else I'm gonna ask a dealer if they can. Some dude on here did and it cost £90. The resistors are £35 each.
  6. Got a link for the resistors?
  7. Yep. iPhone isn't letting me copy & paste for some reason. Bare with me....

    They're on capital seating if you can't wait.
  8. I used maplins too.
  9. Cheers - and is it indeed 3.9Ohm?
  10. I looked through my notes & your right. However you need a 2 ohm resister for the seat position switch delete ( the little micro switch on the bottom of the drivers seat).
  11. Good shout!
  12. To confirm specifics. 2.2ohm 0.6w (closest available) for driver seat position. And a pair of 3.9ohm 0.6w for airbags.

    Is that right?

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  13. Spoke to Mick at diamond today. He's gonna have a go tomorrow but he's doubtful that he can do it.

    Anyone got a detailed guide, ideally with some pics, of the resistors fitted.
  14. Ive just been through this a few weeks ago after fitting some corsa recaros. 2x 3.9 ohm resistors are needed for each seat. With the electrical connector unpluged the top 4 wires are for the air bags coloured blue brown blue brown, resistors need to be fitted to these wires. Also i had to fit the weight sensing pad to the base of each seat by removing the fabric and gluing it down to the foam.

    I used the standard runners and seat belt pre tensioner so i didnt need resistors for them obviously. But if you plan on going for full bucket seats with harnesses then you will need resistors for each part of the system.
  15. Awesome! How did you fit the resistors, in parallel or something? This is the bit I'm unsure on.
  16. Either cut the wires and solder or pull them out from the connector and push the resistors into the hole. one leg of the resistor to the blue wire the other leg to the brown(or pink)wire.
  17. Cheers. I've seen that thread and read it over and over. I like things simple lol.

    Incidentally, Mick at diamond couldn't reset it with clip. He said it was telling him that the resistance was too high. Not a configuration issue. I guess the resistors fix this.
  18. If someone could tell me how to put a PDF file on here before i throw my laptop through the f**king window, then i could post the wiring block diagrams & what to do with what resistors & diodes, then i might be of help. Had these forwarded to me from Ktec. I have just done the wiring & it works, the only thing i have left is the heated seat symbol.
  19. Quick one. I know the resistors gets rid of the airbag warning light and the spanner light on the dash but does anyone still have a seat belt warning light on next to the radio display, or do the resistors get rid of that too?

    Off to buy some resistors etc today.
  20. I've fixed this now. No more air bag warning lights!

    The PDF that T&biskits sent me was spot on!

    Does everyone else still have the red seatbelt light on the radio display? If not how did you get rid of it?
  21. Any chance you could send the pdf through for me mate?
  22. Pm me your email and I'll fwd it on
  23. I've had loads of PMs since my post above.

    This is why I did. Took an hour tops.

    Disconnect battery.

    First seat:

    Remove plug. Push yellow clip, slide black lever and it pops out.
    Pull the loom out from under the seat so you can work on it.
    Snip cable tie.
    Remove black plug from yellow casing.
    ID wires that need bridging (see PDF doc).
    Remove terminals (use a pen tip and pull gently, they will pull out). I did one pair at a time.
    You need to bridge pins 4 & 5 and 6 & 7.
    Cut back insulation tape an inch or two.
    Snip terminals off
    Strip 10mm or so of insulation.
    Solder resistor (3.9 ohm) to bridge the two wires, apply some heat shrink before final connection.
    Repeat with other pair.
    Tuck away the loops within the wires.
    Refit black connector to yellow case.
    Fit new zip tie.
    Re-tape as required.

    Repeat with other seat.

    Re-connect battery.

    Note - I haven't done the diode yet for pins 11 & 12 on the drivers seat (seat position). The PDF states use a 100v 200ma diode. Maplins didn't have one so I bought a 2.2 ohm resistor instead. Not fitted (yet) but I have no warning lights (on the dash) either.

    The only light I have remaining is for the seat belt next to the the radio display. I suspect it's something to do with the pressure pad, although I don't get any audible warnings if the passenger doesn't belt up. I still get them for the driver though. Clip stated that there was a fault with the seat pressure pad. Maybe a resistor across these wires will cancel that out too?

    Edit to add, this was for retro fitting Recaro sportsters. If you're fitting non OEM fixed seats then you may want to consider fitting the resistors straight into the female pins and not cut anything. Assuming the plug isn't getting plugged back into anything of course.

    Bare with me, I'll screen shot the PDF and upload here later.
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  24. As promised.

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  27. Is this the same for the megane 250?
  28. This is for the Megane 250
  29. With aftermarket seats, I've done the airbag resistors both sides, no diode yet, but still have airbag light....


    These are the fault codes.

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  30. They're the same fault codes I had before I fitted the resistors.
  31. I had all the airbag fault codes, but after doing the resistors, they cleared..... I'm just left with the positional faults and bag light on. Going to do the diodes for both sides during the week and we will see what happens I guess.

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  32. just installed in car. no more airbag light . cost under 1 euro :smile:

    but after remove Standard seats have "START & STOP to controll". any ideas ?

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  33. As a temporary fix should sticking the resistors directly into the slots work? Like this: twistedResistor2_zpsxamunafy.jpg
  34. Did you manage to get the red light out mate? It's the only one I have left too. Wouldn't mind getting rid if I can
  35. As a temporary yes but they come out too easily. Get them stuck in properly or solder mate
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  36. Nope.
  37. Hmmm did you try resistors over random bridges?

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