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Discussion in 'Detailing' started by Superfly, May 11, 2019.

  1. DEF4D1CC-FFBC-4820-AD39-C0D00CB589F8.png Hi there, i recently had a tree branch fall onto my bonnet and it left a small mark, sort of looked like a smear of sauce that the chefs put on a plate (if u know what I mean) anyway I could not get this removed, obviously the clear coat was scratched a bit, my general go to for small marks is surgical spirits, and nope it doesn’t mark the paint up, but very good for getting any scuffs of the car, just make sure you apply rag with spirits and then hose over straight after... anyway I thought this new mark was there to stay, until I bought meguires scratch x2.0 (I think that’s what is called) small black bottle, I’d always been scared of compound pastes as I thought they would leave a haze on the clear coat, this stuff is amazing, clean surface, then apply a bit to cloth and rub gently over scratch for about 7 seconds, wipe of excess, apply some liquid wax to cloth and rub over same area gently, wait around 1 min and remove wax with soft rag. Did this twice and the mark has gone 100% and paintwork is perfect, I even went looking for any areas I could use it on. Nb it does not remove scratches that have gone through the clear coat, easy way to tell, is to run hose over scratch if it disappears for few seconds when wet, it’s not through the clear coat and this stuff will remove that scratch, only tip is don’t try to do it in one go, rubbing hard, rub medium and wax and repeat, you will see it disappearing, this stuff rely does work amazingly, give it a go, if unsure then test it on a safe place like the door inner
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