Same price, Same mileage... Which one?

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2011 250 cup with recaros VS 2014 265 cup facelift with fabric seats

  1. 2011 250 cup with recaros

  2. 2014 265 cup facelift with fabric seats

  1. I'm hopefully going to be looking at buying a megane rs this weekend but I'm in two minds which one to go and view as both are quite a distance from me and also not close to each other. There's a 2011 250 cup and a 2014 265 cup facelift. The main thing drawing me to the 250 is the leather recaros as the 265 only has basic fabric seats. So essentially the question is are the leather recaros good enough of an upgrade over the standard seats to overlook the 3 year age increase and it being a pre-facelift?. I'm going to be getting it remapped at some point so not concerned about the slight power increase in the 265 either. Also worth mentioning the 250 has the basic rs monitor whereas the 265 has the tomtom satnav (not touch screen) an no rs monitor.

    Any comments on this would be appreciated cheers guys
  2. I think the Recaro seats make the car a bit special inside, I was in the same position as you and went for the 250 with RS monitor as I think many people looking for one want the full RS experience.

    Not for a second saying I don’t miss sat nav built in as I do , but my phone does a great job and I only need it now and again.

    The fabric seats may be better if you do a long commute ?

    Either with cup pack will be great fun :smile: it’s good when whatever decision you make you will still have a huge smile on your face.
  3. If it was me, I would go for the younger 2014 car because in theory it should have less problems, due to lower mileage, and I reckon that newer models can have better resale value. Also consider choosing the car that has been better looked after, which you can tell when you check it out - buying into a load of problems is such a pita - really takes the pleasure out of having a new motor. Recaros are nice, but you’re not buying a Meg just for the seats . Best situation is the owners have loved the cars and they are in great shape - nice position to be in as a buyer.
  4. My honest opinion. The recaros are amazings, you´ll don´t regret if finally choose that one. About the Rs monitor, I think it don´t worth. For me, the only advantage that it have is you can choose throttle mode. I have my doubts about the values in the Rs monitor and the G forces or the lap timer, never used in my case.
    See and test both and simply choose the one that give you better vibrations, checking the important points.
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  5. I'm coming from a clio 200 with fixed sparco seats so I think it would feel like a big downgrade to get the one with the fabric seats. I've got used to just using my phone for sat nav as well so I'm definitely leaning towards the 250 more atm.

    Both have nearly identical mileage so I guess it comes down to which has been looked after better. Both have fsh I believe.

    The throttle modes is the main reason I care about the rs monitor. Do they actually make a big difference or is it a gimmick?
  6. No man, you´ll notice the difference. The curve of acceleration changes according to the mode selected. The "extreme" mode is so abrupt for me, and I think that´s the mode preselected in Megs without Rs monitor when you push the ESP button.
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  7. I have a 225 model with recaros and bought the car almost only because them I love how the look and get very often nice feedback from friends or strangers because of them.

    I would choose the 2011 Modell it would be sell not so good later because the age but otherwise to buy recaros and mount them lately would cost (idk England prices) 1500 pounds used

    need to say I drove a Meg 3rs without Recaros and they are not bad, really not and have good hold for cornering but I would anyway buy the 2011 if it would be my choice =)
  8. What's the mileage of the two you're looking at?
  9. Have you got links to both the ads? As above I'd buy on condition and maintenance over mileage alone. Recaros are also an easy retrofit you if the 265 is the better car, then you can always buy some Recaros second hand and fit them afterwards.

    The 265 should in theory have just had its belts done last year too, so they'll be good for another 5 years whereas the 250 will be due sooner.

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