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Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by andybond, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. Hi all ,

    Spoken to @Gav for permissions and I sorted out a groupbuy at RSTuning

    We have been offered £50 off each map if we get 5 people on this list , or £100 off a map if we get 10 ! Pretty good going I reckon.
    These are the rules :
    deposit must be paid before end of SEPTEMBER 19
    map must be done before end of OCTOBER 19
    Call RSTuning on 0113 243 6444

    Rules :

    Prices are as follows :

    A110 £445+vat

    Clio 1
    16v & Williams From £295+VAT depending on spec.

    Clio 2
    172, 182 £295+VAT
    V6 230 & 255 £345+VAT unless heavily modded

    Clio 3
    197 & 200 £295+VAT no cams
    197 & 200 £345+VAT cams

    Clio 4 200T

    Clio 4 220T

    Megane 2
    225/R26 £345+VAT STG1
    225/R26 £395+VAT STG2
    225/R26 £395+VAT STG2 630cc
    225/R26 £620+VAT STG2 Flow Matched 630cc included
    DCi 175 £345+VAT DCi 175
    £395+VAT Disable DPF DTC & Regen also.

    Megane 3
    250/265/275 £395+VAT

    Megane 4 RS
    280/300 £445+vat

    Twingo 133
    STG1 £295+VAT

    Example : 5 people wanting maps. Megane STG2 at £395 + VAT pre discount. Discount of £50 taking it to £345 , add the vat taking it to £414. If we get 10 people , £395 + vat before , minus £100 , taking it to £295 and add on the VAT meaning £354
    You MUST put your name on the thread here as @RSTuning will be cross referencing.

    The 10 plus ( £100 discount ) will only apply AFTER we get 10 deposits.

    Deposit is refundable should we not meet the numbers required.

    The only thing I ask is you please register once you have paid your deposit at to save me co ordinating over a few boards.

    I have this active on , here at at the minute you see :smile:

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  2. What does no map tweeks mean?

    I assume this means we can arrange a time for the mapping session when is mutually suitable and not fixed on certain dates?
  3. No map tweak are small changes , such as changing from a 14t ( OEM ) to a 15T on a meg2.

    You can chose whatever date you desire assuming RSTuning have that free.
  4. Typical this comes up when i go there monday for injectors and mapping

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  5. How did you get on Ryan with the mapping?
  6. Was good! Massive improvement.. the torque is the biggest feel

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  7. Great results Ryan!

    For reference we have 3 booked on so far. 2 more for £50 off!
  8. Interested in this but won't be able to get to RSTuning until early November. Is there any leeway on the tune date?
  9. I think we could negotiate a little @Zaim
  10. 5 are now booked on ( well 6 actually ) so that’s us qualified for the £50 off.
    4 more and £100 off!

    Last week to get the deposits down!
  11. Final day. Get your deposits in! We have secured £50 off.

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