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Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by Mark_RS, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. All done for 2017...hoping to just fit an frp boot, lexan rear screen, RK rear wing and maybe a half cage in the new year. Been a while since I updated and lost my thread!

    quick image upload
  2. What does an RK rear wing look like?
  3. I maybe wrong but I think it might be this megane-009.jpg
  4. Got it in one Paul. I have front vent set.
  5. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Looks like it came off an airplane :tongueout:
  6. How much is that setting you back?
  7. Good airplane or bad airplane? :tongueout:
  8. I think it's about 450? Can't remember now..also want a better front splitter from flow in Aus.
  9. Be great to see some more pictures of the car.
  10. Ooh I like that exhaust tip. Where is that from?
  11. Streamline carbon. Fit is so so.
  12. They are expensive. You would expect better really.
  13. Car looks pretty damn perfect, nice work Mark
  14. They wanted 500 quid just for the engine cover...jokes.
  15. Thank you! Few more bits and then hopefully start fiddling with the other Renault :smiley:
  16. Looks awesome. Wheels suit perfect!.
  17. FRP boot lid on.

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  18. Do you have the same vent on the right hand side?
  19. Would a big wing like that on the back of an fwd car help or hinder? I would have thought it would push the back end of the car down...meaning the front wheels on the other end of the pivot would be less inclined to grip?
  20. Yes. They are the RK Design vents, they draw out a surprising amount of hot air. The naca duct on top hits the exhaust side of the turbo.
  21. Flow V2 splitter.

  22. What do you mean by big wing? Car has the stock 250 wing to go on. Have thought about more rear aero as the back is light but loathed to add weight! I have the Flow skirts to go on, they should help a little with stopping air from going under the sides but doubt by much and they're 3.6kg.
  23. Nice!

    I have these but not yet fitted. I’m considering whether to cut up a bonnet on a Trophy R.
  24. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Bonnet is the same as a normal Megane anyway Dooook so i wouldn't be too precious
  25. Agree! Despite it being a limited edition, it’s still a Renault after all and in Oz depreciates faster than a stock market crash. The only ones which might hold their value and possibly increase are the ones that will be stored and never driven. And that’s certainly not mine.
  26. Sorry I thought your previous rear wing post was something you were doing rather than something you were considering.
    When I see something like that on a fwd car I think of my local McDonalds:tearsofjoy:

    I find it interesting that these skirts and splitters do make a difference I thought they were all the ricer mods that give the impression of performance (the car equivalent of a lard monster like me in gym gear).
  27. Do it! Bonnets are readily available.
  28. I'm sure a lot of these things help if done right, even if it's a small amount. Splitters do work and my car is definitely not for show. I will report on the benefits when I've had chance to use it more.
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  29. I like this a lot...especially the wheel choice
  30. Lovely car!
  31. Thank you!
  32. [​IMG]
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  33. Are you going to pain the boot?
  34. Not sure, not right now anyway...whole car could do with a wrap or a respray, especially the front end with stone chips. I used to have FRP doors and boot on my old Clio and I just left them gelcoat.
  35. Now you need a proper rear wing to to stabilise the back end of the car if your front splitter is providing you some down force. May have some pics for you on this soon :smile:
  36. Already on the case :smile:
  37. Little update although lots of things have changed in reality...FRP doors fitted with P4P front lexan, will get them painted soon enough. Also swapped out the V2 Flow with the V1 as it's less aggressive. I'm currently working on additional cooling up front, hence the holes!

    Oh and the carbon mirrors...they're new.

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  38. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Won't cool much without the top part of the bumper to actually direct the air
  39. I recognise the cutout design from somewhere?
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