Rs265 hesitates??

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  1. 7C961D04-7375-44C4-9677-25BFFF97F8E0.jpeg Hi guys,

    new to the forum wondered if anyone could help:smile:

    back in feb I got a rs265 and since then every now and again it would hesitate throughout the gears. Sometimes when I’d plant my foot it wouldn’t be getting full boost (would stay at around 0.45 bar) and literally would take ages to reach high revs.

    It’s not throwing any codes up so that doesn’t help:worried:

    I have done:
    plugs (gapped to 0.75)
    Fuel filter
    Air filter
    Always run on shell/shell v power
    Recirc valve
    Boost Pressure test and held Pressure

    Any suggestions would be perfect, thanks guys
  2. Plug gap at 0.75 seems big. I was recommended by my tuner to gap them to 0.5 and my hesitation was cured

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  3. 0.5 really?! Even at stage 1 I’ve been told .6 is the soft spot. Might go down to .7 though if there’s the slightest chance for it to work
  4. Paddy80

    Paddy80 RSM Club Member

    Mine is standard and gapped to 0.6mm on recommendation off members on here, runs fine.
  5. Will get on that today paddy, thanks for letting me know hopefully It solves it
  6. 0.6mm is the best gap, along with one number up on the plug number if you ever change them.
  7. Gapped them earlier and haven’t noticed anything for time being however lowest I could go was .64

    depending on how fussy it is, will have to get the right size tool.

    Thanks guys for the fast replies really appreciate it!
  8. could also be a coil or dirt on the crankshaft position sensor
  9. One of my coils had a load of brown sut on but surly if it was a coil It wouldn’t be every now and again? Will check sensor though
  10. They are really finicky things, you would think it would show up on idle or at high rpm's but it all depends on what is starting to break down with them.
  11. usual suspects are, coils, plugs (0.6 gap) injectors and thermostat, if its not had stat change i'd do that as matter course anyway
  12. Didn't think we had a crankshaft sensor. Maybe that was just mk2s though? Where is it located?

    Edit: was thinking about camsensor while writing cranksensor. My mind is too complex even for me to understand sometimes..
  13. Yep they are! It stops at 5.5k then runs mint or if I let off then apply throttle again. Ive put some RPD oem plugs in, meganes aren’t funny with what type of plug are in I’m hoping
  14. Coils are next to be ordered along with thermostat. Tried treating injectors with a bottle of red-X over time but still nothing. Maybe I need to test them out the car if it comes to it
  15. how many miles has the car done, mines on 114k and still had the original injectors, if you think it could be them then either replace or ultra sonic clean them.

    Where is the temp gauge needle pointing ????
  16. Both the MK2 and the MK3 have crank and camshaft sensors
  17. just past 51k miles. Yeah I could change them but would it be batter to spend the extra bit for bigger ones before I map it? My temp gauge sits just over halfway and has never moved past
  18. If you get 630 injectors, you can't fit them before mapping, it will run way too rich.
    That's the right place for the engine temperature where the needle is, so no need to replace the thermostat.
  19. yeah I’d have to get it done on the day of mapping but if it’s not the problem then I don’t want to waste a dyno day lol
  20. Just realized my 250 sort of does this if i cruise at around 50km/h in third for like 15-30 secs and plant my foot.

    Something with the original software i think. I remember reading there was a software update that fixed what i think was this issue.

    I get around it mostly by not cruising :smile:

    Does it only happen i third or is it every gear?
  21. move had it happen to me from 2nd gear all the way up to 5th. Yeah literally only when I plant my foot it kicks up a fuss

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