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  1. Hi all.

    Due to lack of use, we have decided to put the Megane up for sale;

    My brother and I jointly bought it 18 months ago, purely as a track car. Obviously joint ownership decreases individual costs dramatically, it is registered in my name.

    Car is road legal, all road requirements working. It is not excessively loud, currently taxed and MOTd.
    The only road miles we have done is to and from tracks ( Oulton Park twice, and Donington Park twice).

    This is a factory cup spec car, with the cup LSD.

    We have had the top end refreshed, with new Inconel exhaust valves. Cambelt kit, headbolt set, water pump, VVT pulley, all genuine parts. I have receipts for all of this and more.

    Run on Millers oil, there is probably enough for the next change, included.

    Bespoke radiator, this we had made to maximise available space, so have had to remove the A/C condenser. This is included in the sale, as is the original radiator.

    KTR remap to 320hp, switchable on the T/C button.
    CAE short shifter
    KTR 3 inch downpipe
    KTR sports Cat
    KTR 3 inch cat back.

    Comes with 4 point harnesses L + R, with a bespoke harness mounting bar.

    Puresports stud and nut conversion
    BC coilovers, -1 degree rear camber plates. Currently set to 2.3 degrees of front camber. Swivel hubs and bushes done recently.

    Tyres are Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S. There is a spare set of wheels included with very good Nankangs.

    The rear seats are included in the sale, but are not fitted.

    Brand new Winmax W5 front pads.

    Probably loads I have forgotten, but in summary, this is a nicely sorted track focused car. It starts on the button, and is just as happy dawdling around on public roads (although the ride is set firmly at the moment), as it is on track. It pulls very well, and has a good broad spread of top end power. It stops and turns as you would expect it to, very effectively.

    There is a shedload of paperwork with it , as above what we have done, and lots from previous owners.

    Priced at £9995. This is firm at the moment, you can probably guess it owes us quite a bit more than that. If it does not sell we may reconsider keeping it in storage.

    Will get some pictures sorted asap

    Car is in South Shropshire, just north of Ludlow.
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  3. Forgot to mention 2 things; The decals have only been on the car for 1 year, so if you don`t like them, can easily be removed. Also when I was having the new radiator installed, I had front brake ducts made and installed.
  4. Pls excuse the "last years" decals, just never got around to replacing F Alonso with P Gasly!
  5. Have booked Silverstone trackday for 06th November, so if anyone is interested in buying it, you can sign on as a passenger, and I will happily take you for a few laps. You will be impressed!

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