265 RS265 Coughing/spluttering

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  1. Hi all, new to the forum here! From little old New Zealand (Australia’s Cousin)

    My RS has developed a sort of irritation that really bugs me.

    Short story is that if I floor it in 1st gear and then change into second at the redline, the car will do a ignition cut / hesitation in 2nd gear where it will not accelerate any further but will just stutter and pop/bang in the exhaust. Once all the fuel has burned off the car will accelerate in 2nd gear. I have changed the spark plugs thinking it could be those, but unsure where to look next. During this “stutter” the cars throttle will not accelerate the car but it will dump more fuel.

    This happens with traction control turned off “race mode selected” so it isn’t cutting power due to traction control.

    The car is a factory software phase 2 with a resonator delete and a forge blow off valve.

    Any of you guys ever experienced this?
  2. This may help - 250 - Let's talk coil packs | RSMegane.com
    Possibly coil packs or even thermostat as per above link.
    Worth getting ODB2 reader connected (if you don't have one go to repairer who has one, and they should only charge $50-70 or so) to see if any fault codes (eg misfire count - by cylinder, etc) and actual coolant temp, short and long term fuel trims, before throwing money at parts.
  3. Thank you Zoto!

    I have noticed that MAP sensor unplugged a couple of times, must be a very niggly plug.

    my water temp gauge reads bang on in the middle once warmed up so maybe not that. I will plug in a scanner and see what it reads.

    I will do some new coil packs as I noticed they didn’t look too flash when I pulled them out to do the spark plugs.

    that thread is really informative thanks for your help

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