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  1. Hi guys.
    I pick up my new car tomorrow and already looking at parts for it!

    It’s a 250 cup, I’m looking at either grams or h&r, cooksports springs.

    Ideally I’d fit coilovers but on my last R26 I had bc coilovers and it was to hardcore on the road day to day to the point I’d much prefer to jump in my van as it was just so bouncy around where I live!!

    I do around 6-7 track days a year but I’m trying not to go all out and turn this into a track specific car like my R26.

    My question is what do you springs do you recommend?
    Ideally after opinions from people who actually have the above brand springs on there 250’s to give me some feedback

    Thanks in advance
  2. The cooksports feel almost exactly the same as standard cup.
  3. I had BC's on my MK2 8kg front and rear, i have them fitted to my 265 now, i went for 10kg fronts and 8kg on the rear, my 265 feels so much better on the road than the 225 ever did.
  4. A lot different to the mk2?
    I don’t want to repeat what I had then, I feel I wrecked it as a road car once the bc’s were installed.
    Obviously it came alive on the track.
    I wonder if the mk3 is a bit more forgiving on coilovers?
  5. Good to know, is this what you had on yours?
    Is there much of a drop?
  6. Yes ive had them for a while now. They lower the car a little and make it sit perfectly.
  7. Any before or after pictures?
  8. I did not like cocksports, I went with h&r
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  9. I had H & R springs in my 250, was a much firmer ride.
    Here it is side on to get an idea of the stance.
    I now have BC racing coil overs fitted.
    H & R springs RS250.JPG
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  10. Hi. Can you please tell me how much drop these H&R springs are. I'm looking to put a 35mm drop on my RS250 but I unsure I I will have any rubbing
  11. If you look on a website that sells them, you will see that they are about 20mm drop.
  12. I did thanks and found them for 20mm and 35mm. I gone for the 35mm so crossed fingers.
  13. So you ordered the black ones? Otherwise you have orded the 20mm ones, and was looking at the drop you get with non cup spring fitted
  14. They definitely say 35mm drop but the picture is of blue ones but that may be a general image.
    Ill see what turns up. To be fair people say good things about the H&R springs on here and any drop will help in the look as Im not a hard driver or do I track that car.
  15. I running h&r, the websites are bit confusing, some tell you what the drop is if you don't have cup suspension, so it will tell you 35mm, other websites will tell you the drop presuming that you have cup set up, so it tells you 20mm
  16. Yes getting the answers I want has been difficult. You are right I have seen the 20mm cup and 20mm information.
    So I have looked at my car and mentally dropped it by 35mm and it looks great ha ha ha so Ill see how I get on as I have 20mm spaces on the car already.....hey no one told me that with spaces it will throw crap up the sills and doors
  17. I’m currently trying to get the suspension set up ideal for my needs (cup 250)

    I bought it with cooksport springs in and it’s just too firm for me, not bothered about low speed day to day bumps but when pressing on over a bumpy road it just bounces you everywhere and ruins the car.

    DoubleD, did the standard car do this? As I’ve not driven one.

    I was looking at the factory ohlins but they have a huge arch gap :worried: anyone fitted lowering springs to the ohlins?
  18. Hi. I know they are not ohlins but Im currently having some H&R 25mm fitted to my 250 which already has 25mm spacers ( a little Christmas present to myself) and Im a bit nervous about how ot will turn out. I will let you know just for the knowledge.
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  19. Change to H&R springs, I ran Cooksport for a while and thought they were hard and crashy, the H&R feel more stock from a hardness point of view
  20. Excellent, cheers for that.
    I wonder if they would fit/work well with the ohlins dampers
  21. I would stick to the cup dampers, if that is what you have on it
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  22. I do indeed.

    I’m surprised the cooksports are so firm, many people say they ride like oem :confused:

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