RS250 Race Build

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by Jordan Moyle, Nov 3, 2021.

  1. 888df772-75f7-44ef-ace5-99282a4ad68f.jpeg ca30a6a3-574b-4d93-96fc-1115907c1cd1.jpeg 5a544484-71dc-468c-82bd-452c66652345.jpeg 4ae2b155-1c37-4e1a-9ccf-7c895308794b.jpeg
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  2. d61dbbc8-1aed-412f-9642-319b92d8bcd3.jpeg 6a2de4e6-dd33-4444-be26-004063c62f20.jpeg

    I’d be gassed if fully built we can be under 1200
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  3. 1210c37b-f7a9-4987-9edd-64de09fe3c8d.jpeg 47fd770b-39f3-487c-8bb3-04803a324c30.jpeg
    3 way ASTs now on.
    My KW clubsports with DLs will be available to buy. They did 4 trackdays in total, so sod all, then they sat on the car in the garage the last 2 years
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  4. Did you sell your clubsports
  5. Hi mate, no i've not had them back yet actually. I am meant to collect the car this weekend or next week. Then was going to advertise them. I'm down in Brighton, where about's are you based
  6. In the south west near bath/Bristol, if you got a price in mind and they are in good working order let me know, I presume you got the top mounts with them still too? Cheers
  7. Yer both topmounts and droplinks. I need to check them over, not expecting any defects they should be in very good condition, but want to check them first. If they are in as good as nick as expected I was going to advertise for £1600.
  8. Think I’ve just seen that you have v3’s and not clubsports. I’m after the clubsport set up. Bummer
  9. Definitely clubsport’s mate, why do you think they’re V3s?
  10. From the photos of the rear of the car looked like you still had a separate inboard spring and shock? Unless that’s a old photo?
  11. No that’s correct, the clubsports aren’t true coilover rears on a meg. Whereas they are on say an e92 m3.
    Some websites use a different pic which isn’t the real product. They often use a pic with external reservoirs too which is wrong.
    The pic below is correct
  12. That’s bad as I thought I even read the clubsports were a full coilover, I even seen that some people had put the wrong photos in their ads. Lucky I did not buy a new set would have been fuming.

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