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  1. Hi all, new to this forum and megane rs250 cup ownership. The car's engine is heavily modified, it has lowering springs with 20mm spacers all round and sits on 18" Tibors. I've had the car about a week and just put ps4's on the front. The rears are sport cup 2's with decent tread. I am not getting the feedback I would expect and don't feel confident in the car when pushing it in the corners. I previously owned an r26 with similar mods and within 5 minutes of driving that car I felt at home. This car feels similar but there is a disconnect. I'm not sure what the cause is, could it be spacers, tracking, the large amount of power/mapping, suspension components, leather seats that are a little slippery? I've heard so many good things about these cars and I'm keen to get it feeling the way my r26 did but it's not there. It's worth noting the car has done just over 40k miles and it feels like a low mile car. The main issue is when I push it in corners the steering doesn't feel as sharp as I would expect and it feels like it's pushing wide rather than gripping and turning in nicely. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated as this was not a cheap car and I really want to fall for it the way I did my r26. Cheers!
  2. Cup chassis?
  3. Yes
  4. The Cup 2's on the back will be no where near operating temp at this time of year. Also your new PS4's maybe haven't been worn in yet plus all the salt on the roads could be affecting grip levels?
  5. I am putting on PS4's on the rear end of the month but I don't see how this could affect turn in and the vague feeling at the front. Maybe I need more time to get used to the car, as I said my r26 felt so confidence inpsiring from the minute I got in it.
  6. The spacers will be the cause. They totally screw up the suspension geometry. Remove them and it will be a night & day difference.
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  7. I'll give it a go, thanks. I'm assuming any size spacer will have this affect as I do like the way it sits?
  8. My car came with 20mm spacers but I took them straight off without even trying them. Surprised so many people run them if they screw the geo that much?
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    I couldn’t agree more
  10. Yes and the thicker the spacer the more of an effect it will have. Specifically they change the "scrub radius", which is the relationship between the tyre centreline and suspension centreline:


    Our cars have negative scrub radius (i think it's roughly 15mm but don't quote me on that), so by putting spacers on you're adding 20mm to that distance and changing the suspension geometry to a positive scrub radius. This will increase torque steer.

    I think it's just because they are much cheaper compared to new wheels, but new wheels which are the correct size are the only way you'll get the car to look exactly how you want without ruining how it drives or without spending bucket loads on adjustable coilovers and a proper setup.
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