RS250 - Full suspension refresh

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking into carrying out a full refresh of all suspension components on my RS250. It's currently at the garage for a gearbox rebuild so my thinking is while there and partly stripped down, now is as good a time as any to get all the work I've been wanting to get done, done!

    I've put together a list of all suspension components I can think of. If you see anything missing or can recommend anything else, let us know below. I'm sure there's something I've missed...

    Table listing parts, part numbers and quantities -


    Adding text here so easier for copy/paste if anyone needs -

    Anti Roll Bar Bush 546120007R
    Anti Roll Bar link nuts 7703034251
    Anti Rotation Link 543175784R
    Anti Rotation Link Nuts 8200896829
    Front Shock Absorber 543020054R
    Front Shock Bolt & Nut 7703002824 and 7703034274
    Rear Shock Absorber 562100059R
    Shock Absorber Gaitor 540500012R
    Shock Absorber Top Mount Kit 543A08989R
    Steering Track Rod End NS 485202698R
    Steering Track Rod End OSF 485203894R
    Steering Track Rod Kit Inner 485215961R
    Wishbone Ball Joint Nut 7703034281
    Wishbone Left 545010011R
    Wishbone Right 545000010R
    Track rod end nut 7703034230
    Drop Links 546180002R
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  2. Just want to confirm something. The wishbones - 545000010R, 545010011R come with a ball-joint pre-installed as shown in the pic below?

    If that's the case, it wouldn't make any sense to buy all six ball-joints from reneko (Raptor6767). So upper and lower ball-joints only needed. £130 saved!
  3. Small change to the list above - Correct part number for the cup anti roll bar bush is 5546120316R not 546120007R. The second one is for the non-cup setup.
  4. Yeah had a look at those when I got the first few prices through for OEM ones, but think I've managed to find them for £103 (incVAT) a side. Will know later in the week.

    Had a search online and on the forum but cannot find anything on the rear bushes, besides some fitting SuperPro or Powerflex. The part numbers are 550454053R (replaced by 550445344R)

    Seeing as I'm hunting down every last "perishable" component of the suspension, would it make sense to get these replaced? No idea if its a pig of a job or handy enough. If anyone knows, please chime in.

  5. Did mine on the Mk2, wasn't too bad a job, mk3 looks very similar, easiest way is to remove the shocks and springs, then push the axle up parallel that takes the tension off of the bolts and will make it so much easier to refit the beam.

    That part in the link i sent also includes the anti torque link, thats £40 each from Renault.

    And they are heavy duty ones

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