Rs08 meg gotta go

Discussion in 'Other For Sale' started by Itsme, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. cant get on ebay link at work. how much is this pal? how much to just take it off? cheers
  2. I'll take 150 for it now mate it's useless to me contact me on 07979250266
  3. I'd be gutted if he has. I paid A LOT more than that for mine.
  4. Yeah long shot, but worth a try!
  5. I paid £200 for RS57 MEG
  6. That's not bad! Like it - I have an. 08 so that reg is perfect, just wish I'd seen this earlier!
  7. I wish I had RS57 MEG! I'm toying with just getting a plate for my name so I can keep it on whatever car I have!
  8. You can't go wrong with a private reg, your never going to loose money on them like most other things we buy for cars!
  9. I'm guessing from no reply that this has gone, actually sad now - I was seeing it with pressed plates and this reg!
  10. Looking on his page his not logged in since 12/01/15 might be worth a message on eBay instead?
  11. you can have it for 1k lol it cost me £200
  12. Haha I don't want it that much!
  13. I paid a lot more for R26 MEG
  14. I want your that plate :worried:
  15. Neither it or the motor its on is going anywhere. In fact. Both completely ensure that neither are going to be sold.
  16. Didn't think they were, just saying I liked it. I may just get one with name so i can transfer from car to car
  17. Now mine :wink: will get it on the meg asap!
  18. Hi, Just saw this post.....if it's not too late I now have RS57 MEG as I bought the car and have my own plate. Are you interested?
  19. That's glen old plate isn't it? How much are thinking it's worth have an 07 plate would look cool on
  20. You can't put a 57 plate on an 07 car!

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