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  1. I can't recommend RST enough!!! Paul, the owner, is more focused on providing what you want, and what is right for your spec of car than making a huge profit out of you. Having previously had a lot of work done at Ktec, (3 1/2 hr drive for me), I would rather cut my happy sacks off and face the 5 1/2 hr drive up to RST, any day!!! Great bunch of guys, in my opinion much more knowledgeable, more friendly, and happy to have you in the workshop showing you what they're doing. Better than sitting in a cold waiting area, with crap coffee, waiting for hours for someone to eventually announce that your car is ready, only to find out that they're mapping is SH#T!!!! Seriously, make the journey to Leeds and see the best in the market!!! I will definitely be returning early next year!!!

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  2. Heard nothing but good things about Paul at RStuning. Will be speaking to him when i've fitted my CGR exhaust with sports cat, and intercooler.
    Current map was done by previous owner, don't know the tuner either so i will look to get RStuning to map it.
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