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Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by Eddie_, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Hi all,

    I am also a member of the Clio Mk4 RS 200/220 EDC/GT Facebook page.

    One of the member on there has arranged a group buy through RS Tuning for a discount up to £100 if 10 people commit and pay a deposit.

    I have a screenshot below;


    If anyone is interested all they need to do is call up and place a deposit while quoting the name of the Facebook page.

    5 people have already paid a deposit so the discount will be at least £50!

    Just thought this may have been of interest on here :smile:
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  2. Just a quick update. 8 deposits have been paid so only 2 more before the £100 discount.
  3. Can this be applied to custom mapping or is it a standard remap. Im booked in for the 7th feb but if i can get it through a groupbuy then happy days
  4. Hi Jamie - are you having a remap carried out or a map tweek? If it’s a remap then it’ll be fine. If you can call RS Tuning and quote the Facebook group and pay your deposit then all we need is one more person for £100 off!
  5. Im booked in and deposit paid for a remap but its a custom map because its from standard to hybrid injectors etc they told me. Il ask them anyway might say yes probably not though.
  6. Pretty sure the only thing the group buy excludes is map tweaks. Will you give them a call over the next couple of days and update me? Would be good to know if we have the £100 off.
  7. Il let you no when i get speaking to them.
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  8. Ive asked rs tuning and they said that its fine for me to be added to the group buy if you want to add my name to the list @Eddie_
  9. No worries at all!
  10. Have just seen that 10 people are booked on this so the discount will be £100.
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