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Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by -Chris-, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Heads up. I'm not sure how much publicity this has had on here but.......

    There's a group buy offer on RS Tuning via

    Details are here.....

    In summary though:

    £50 and £100 savings for 5 or 10 bookings respectively (i.e. Meg 250 Stg1 - £414 (5) or £354 (10) inc VAT).

    Book by end of Apr (£50 refundable deposit) for a map to be completed by end of May.

    It's not clear but I've asked if the 5 / 10 thing is car specific or overall. Hopefully the latter. Awaiting a response.
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  2. Good info, I'm looking at getting a remap done by Paul. Please update us with the info about specific cars etc.

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  3. So feedback from the organiser is that its based on 5/10 cars total.

    I'm not sure how many cars have physically booked as yet. Tbh i don't think he knows either! Someone has mentioned that more than 10 have booked. I'm overseas at the moment but I'm gonna call RST on Monday and book mine in. I'll ask about how many have booked so far.

    At the end of the day, it's a £50 refundable deposit so if the group buy falls on its arse then you'll get it back.
  4. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    fingers crossed for one this time next year :smiley: cars not ready yet
  5. Great timing. I need to get booked on this
  6. Click on the link and add yourself by replying to the thread (you'll need to register if not already).
  7. How imperative is a bigger intercooler for a remap? If one was to have the map done would it need to be tweaked afterwards when the IC is fitted?
  8. In order to get the benefit I believe so, yes.
  9. Is it set in stone that the map has to be done at the end of may? I go away then so wont have the funds at that time.. if it can be done at another time to suit and i can get my rs 250 mapped for £354 inc vat then im in
  10. So I've had it confirmed that if a bigger IC is fitted then a map tweak is needed.

    Try dropping RS tuning an email about timing, I know Paul was away last week.

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  11. I think so, which is pretty rubbish actually.

    I called on Monday to book it in. I'm overseas working wef mid-late May. Paul is away at the moment until 8 May so the lady, although more than happy to take my deposit, wouldn't give me a booking date. She did say they were fully booked up until 12 May at least. I asked if it would extend into Jun/Jul when I'm back and she said no. Needless to say i haven't booked as yet.

    The GB organiser isn't too proactive imo. He's been asked god knows how many times how many have booked so far. He has no clue.
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  12. 3 booked so far. Pretty poor imo.

    Doesn't help that no one is getting dates when they call to pay their deposit. Bit of a shit time to agree to a group buy (RST, not the GBO). I've suggested the GBO re-negotiates. We'll see....
  13. 5 booked so £50 off so far.

    Bookings are extended into June now.
  14. I've just booked.

    7 now. 3 more for £100 off.
  15. ive spoke to paul via email, im in if we can get 10
  16. If it could be extended til end of June then I'll be in too
  17. It is. I'm booked for 26 Jun.
  18. 7 confirmed.

    8th and possibly 9th on the organisers forum to book next week. Plus you two will be 11.
  19. I'm booked on the 30th June so it's deffo on till end June
  20. Confirmed 10 booked on.

    That's a £100 discount.
  21. Yep ive had an email confirming 10 booked so ill be giving them a call to get myself booked in
  22. Thats me booked in on the 27th june for decat and remap
  23. Is it too late to get involved in this?
  24. Nope. Give em a ring and book yourself on. You need to let the chap on the other Renault website know though
  25. Ok, will do :smile:
  26. Woohoo 15th June I'm booked in, excited now
  27. I currently have a Bluefin map on mine, I would love to get mine done properly at RS Tuning but I'm not sure I would notice a difference. I bought it with this map on and its pretty fast.

    Might be running a bit rich though. I'm not too clued up on all this!
  28. Just booked my 250 in for the 28th June, whoop whoop!
  29. From what I've read, this is my opinion.

    I'd say you may not notice a huge difference but, you can rest assured that a map installed by a mapper on a rolling road will be safer than the Bluefin map you currently have now. For example, RS Tuning will run your car on the rollers first to get the car's existing data (every car will run differently, std or not), before applying a new map. The Bluefin is a generic map which means that one ECU and/or engine will react differently from another.

    In summary, a mapper will set it up bespoke to your car to to get the best from it, safely (i.e. to the engine etc). The Bluefin is generic therefore it's pot luck whether it's safe or not.

    I considered a bluefin when I first bought my car (from new) as you can remove it and put it back on as you please. However, after reading into it I was put off by poor reviews and for the reasons stated above.
  30. I thought along these lines which makes me interested in having it done properly. However I have the receipt for the bluefin purchase and it was back in 2012 so the car has been running like that for a long time now.

    Got new tyres to buy now so I think the map is falling down my list of priorities :worried:
  31. is this for mk2 meganes? also?
  32. Yes, it is. I think the offer ended yesterday but you may be lucky
  33. I got on this group buy. Arrived with 285bhp and left with 310bhp. Saved £100.

    RS tuning guys were professional and very knowledgable and informative.

    Car is a complete animal now.
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  34. Im booked in a week on tuesday for a decat and remap..hoping for a decent return. Already fitted with an Airtec front mount and pipercross induction kit
  35. Took my 250 in on tuesday , had a decat fitted to go with the airtec intercooler amd piper cross filter then remap. Car made 312.8bhp and 362 ftlb torque. 20170627_180934.jpg

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