Rs tuner question for those that have done it?

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  1. I am about to install the map however i have a few questions which are unclear to me.......
    My setup is the OBD VCI top of the range version [Premium ] Meg r26

    Q1. I have 3 choices to choose...moderate torque, extra torque, and extreme torque.
    I am guessing stage 1 is moderate torque ? Am i correct in thinking this ? [i only want stage 1 ]

    Q2. I have a cat back exhaust and Properfect recirc boost valve as the only additions to a stock car...does the map take these into consideration or does it just give a generic map into the car.

    Q3. By the directions there does not seem to be info on taking the car for a drive while mapping.... it seems to be done only on the laptop standing i correct here ??
    Cheers for any tips on the above.
  2. Q2, generic map, waste of money and time
  3. Thats not what scores of peeps say on other forums
  4. Have lots of advice (nothing you want to hear) and have been involved in mapping cars (properly) for 30 odd years, after you've installed this 'chip' would you be so kind and get back and let us know how cars performing and if you're happy with the outcome
  5. They don't know what they are on about, you have to remember every engine that comes out of the factory is a little different, if you got 10 cars straight off the production line and put them on a rolling road, they will all come back with different results, the map you are putting on your car is not mapped to your engine, or your mods
  6. Bob: will do
    Mike: point taken
  7. Generic map is shite!!! Get onto a set of rollers and let the pros do you a custom map specific to your needs. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Celtic tuning took almost 4 hours to perfect mine, but now I have a standard ( ish) car running 285 bhp with 315 ft/lbs. More than fast enough without risking the internals. Lightened single mass flywheel helps a lot with the trs dual compound plate. Peak torque is at 5500 so I'm never stressing the engine. Measured 0-62 Is 5.6 seconds. The cost of the map...£299. Money well spent.
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  8. With respect, they don't know what they are talking about. It's a bit like getting a bigger turbo bolted to your engine and running 2 bar of boost, and wondering why it doesn't give you a "hard on". It's because it needs to be set up to match the characteristics of your engine config. As stated previously, all cars do not leave the production line the same. Many, many factors and time need to be considered if you want to get the best out of your set up. It doesn't happen with a laptop map or a superchip. Trust me, I've spent time and money getting mine to where it is now. Lots of little parts of the jigsaw must be critically examined and calculated to form the ultimate big picture.
  9. Cheers for your input. So you are saying RSTUNING generic map is shite. My Rstuning item came with the car as part of the deal so mad if i dont utilise it. Read nil expense.
    You are very lucky to have an RR tune for 299 quid that is very cheap......yep you are get what you pay for.
    They went over the cutoff of 300 so i read which is not recommended by any professional tuner for our cars however i see you are now getting them to reduce.
    In my country an RR is a MINIMUM of 600+ each his own !!
  10. Are you talking about Fastchip's RSTuner? I you do it's well worth of money. With respect, it seems those guys who comment above don't even know what it is. You really need to compare that to the factory map, not to any rolling road map. Factory map is a generic map as well and Fastchip's stg1 map for sure is much better than that.
  11. No denying it will give you more bhp, and make you car go faster, but the map was still done on someone else's car and mapped to their engine, a live map is always going to be better, and I would not touch a box map with a barge pole
  12. you say got aftermarket recirc valve...does the RsTuner allows for different spring rate from factory value
  13. this is correct.also if you dont get it on the rollers,you could be upping power on a unhealthy engine.

    When i took mine to RS Tuning to have mine mapped all those years ago,the car was less than 3 years old,but still had a weak injector.If a generic map had been uploaded,i potential would have been pushing a engine with fuel starvation.

    Even years down the road..the car has never let me down with 270hp/290lb/ft.
    I can never understand how people would take risks with a 3k minimum to rebuild engine..Could you afford to replace it if it went pop?

    Live mapping by someone who knows their stuff is always the way to go.
  14. Bob, As we all know the factory recirc can be unreliable........the aftermarket one is better and gives one optional springs to your taste...including factory spec.
    Andrew: I agree that live mapping is the best however i take this into consideration......RSTuning was free, Rollers are expensive in my country and most importantly "who knows their stuff"....Dyno peeps know Evo's and Skylines here but there is not one Ren guru within 700 miles..... it is a lottery.
  15. C'mon guys, of course that live map would be the preferred option, no question about it and I think no one denies that. But if you, for the reason or another, have no chance or need for any live mapping then this RSTuner is a good option. If you say it is only waste of money and time or the RSTuner map is shit, then you are talking bullshit and most probably it's lack of your personal experience with the product in question. And I am only talking about the RSTuner/Fastchip map here. It's definitely better than the factory one.

    The map you get (to be downloaded to the engine's ecu btw) with the RSTuner device is anyway done by someone who knows these Renaults and e.g. Meg RS engine ecus probably better than his own pockets. Also RSTuning/Paul sells that same box (done by Fastchip), but with his own maps. So if you order that RSTuner device from there and use Paul's map, does it make some difference? Or don't you trust Paul's map either?

    The RSTuner box itself is also a very handy and capable (renault specific) diagnostic tool. On the other hand, if you want to put your ecu back to stock, you can always do it with the RSTuner. And yet, if that "generic" stg1 map does not fulfill your needs you can also get/order more customised map based on the log files and performance analysis you can log with it. Of course if you have more mods or you want to release every available pony from the engine then it should be live mapping instead.

    I myself have a Laguna II GT, where from the factory has the very same engine that Meg 225 has (meaning same internals, 14T-turbo, injectors etc.). I've had this car for ten years now meaning over 100k miles more on the clock. Roughly 90% of that time I've been running it with the RSTuner/Fastchip map in it, just because it's so much better than the factory one. It's not any track car but still pushed quite hard quite often. It is still going strong and hasn't missed a beat during these years. I also have a Clio III RS200 running the RSTuner/Fastchip map (roughly 4 years / 30k miles) without any kind of problems, but naturally because of the N/A engine it does not make such a big difference compared to the factory map. But as it anyhow behaves significantly better than the factory one I don't want to go back to stock. You really do not break your engine just because of that RSTuner map, so just pls stop claiming it's just a waste of money as it is not.
  16. I know Paul RST does internet mapping for KTEC, what if OP could source rollers and ping map over and receive corrected parameters back, its bit slow but gets good results

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