Rs monitor removal?

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Acave24, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. I am thinking of removing the rs monitor screen and was wondering if there is a blanking plate to cover the hole up afterwards?
  2. No, and why? Don't think it's going to weigh you down much....
  3. No the reason is that i have a third party stereo installed and the monitor just displays the words Renault and the time which is flashing all the time as i cant change it, i have tried pressing the two buttons on the steering wheel but it looks like i dont have RS monitor installed so i think to myself why have the lcd screen there when its not getting used
  4. Can you not just disconnect it, so the flashing is not getting on your tits
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  5. Yeh think ill do that cheers buddy, how much do you think it will cost to get the rs monitor fitted?
  6. There is a place in Coventry that does it, but not sure what they charge
  7. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    Check with breakers as they don't know what it is so you can get it cheap. Just look for the display to say RenaultSport instead of Renault. Got mine for £25 and it's plug and play
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  8. StageX Motorsport
  9. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    StageX do it but they are quite expensive and aren't that friendly when I wanted some work done by them
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