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  1. Last summer I reviewed a friends 2010 RS 250 on my YT channel (I’ve pasted a link to the review below). I absolutely loved the car and he’s now offered me the car for a really good price to buy in March.

    He’s told me that he thinks it’s the std/Sport 250 edition (rather than the Cup) but that it came with the added option of the large Recaro seats. But someone else has told me that the Recaro’s were only offered on the Cups! Is that true? Can anyone please advise? Are there any other visual clues as to the difference between the std/sport and Cup versions? Any info is greatly appreciated.

    I’ve copied a link to my video/review below for your info ...
  2. Red brake callipers, limited slip diff, lower/stiffer springs. I’ve never driven the non cup version so don’t know how obvious in feel cup/non cup is. Would imagine it’s quite significant.
  3. Red calipers on the cup vs grey on non-cups are the main visual indicator. Also 235 section tyres on cups vs 225, although both will fit 225 or 235 so it's not a surefire way of telling.

    Best way is give the VIN to Renault and they should be able to tell you how it left the factory.
  4. As said above

    Does it have a RS Monitor?

    The B pillar should have a sticker on it too that says 250 cup.
  5. Pretty sure the cup front springs should have green, purple and blue dots on. Also you should be able to feel the lsd when accelerating hard out if corners.
  6. Red calipers/groove discs if it cup or sport with cup pack option. Beleive or not cup badge on doors were a dealership fit. Yours look sports with cup pack, and some one has fitted receros from a cup or clio 200. Has sports came in leather.
  7. D7651064-B295-4E81-9455-41585BEA71EF.png Well it’s definitely got red brake calipers and the recaro seats, but no 250 Cup badge on the B pillar. Perhaps the only true way of identifying is the VIN which I won’t be able to get until I’ve bought the car in March. Really looking forward to adding it to my garage collection.
    Here’s a photo that my mates taken today of the car ... roll on March
  8. Since found out, Xenons and Climate was an option on cups, so could well be a cup.
  9. It’s definitely a cup with the cloth recaros
  10. The current owner found the original sales invoice which confirmed it was a Cup with various options fitted. It makes interesting reading regard what the additional options cost. 058456FF-9878-460B-BB72-4AE6037056C6.png
  11. I’ve had the car now a few weeks but need it to go in for its cambelt/Aux/water pump as it was last done in May ‘16, just under 50k miles ago. I’m living in Gloucestershire. Does anyone have any recommendations for RS Specialists? I’m thinking of taking it to RS Four Ashes which is about 1:20hr away. Anyone uses these guys before? CB5C9FFF-ED26-40F1-9284-C3988D482D7B.jpeg FA4617ED-DEE2-4DD8-95F4-E7B73BE3F92D.jpeg 7BDF815F-8FD8-409A-B3DC-FDF19F0EE48D.jpeg
  12. Yeh, they look after mine, done cambelt on mine a few years ago. Floyd nows his stuff. Would get the dephaser pully done aswel as the standard cambelt/aux/tensioer kit and water pump.
  13. Thanks Ryan that’s great

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