250 RS Gear knob replacement

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  1. Hello,

    Purchased this RS gear knob and it doesn't fit. Should one of the brackets not be on? I've tried pulling off the white bracket on the shaft and it's having none of it. I think it'll be easier than removing the bracket in the gear knob though- any thoughts?

    cheers 20210203_132514.jpg
  2. Seems like you have to remove the white piece of the new knob, or remove the stick one. One of both. I´ll go to the knob one.
  3. I tried pulling the knob but it wouldnt come off. I somehow managed to break the inner white bracket down in order to pull it out. Thanks !

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  4. Hi all,

    I've managed to snap my plastic shift adapter inside my old gear knob as seen in the photo. I can't get it out. I'm trying to put on my new RS knob as well. Do you know where I can get this plastic adapter? Can't find the right sized one anywhere.


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  5. Hey mate,

    I saw this but unfortunately it doesn't look the same as the ones on the RS Meg III. If you look at the photo you started this thread with, you will see the one you linked is longer, as well as the ribbing going all the way to the tip. When this one finishes short. I think they are different...
  6. They're the same, same part number 8200079112
  7. That part# seems to be for a whole shift knob? Either way, I've ordered one to see if it is correct.
  8. The part that seems to be everywhere online is not the right part for this adapter. I managed to remove one from a gear knob but it broke in the process so it is unusable. You can see the size difference in the parts.

    I have decided to model it myself and get it 3D printed as I can not find these adapters anywhere.

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