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  1. Thanks to stagex motorsport for activating rs monitor on my facelift 265 today as well as android auto. New toys to play with and endless music

  2. Think i’m going to get this done. Didn’t think it was possible to retro fit v2. Obviously you can:grinning:.
  3. Is this the same thing that guy was offering, where you send him your unit?
  4. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    Can this be fitted to a 250? Very interested
  5. Would be a massive harness change I think
  6. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    Ah thats a shame, was hoping for straight swap
  7. Have a word with them it can be done. Yes this is the same the guy was offering if You send unit. These guys do it whilst still in car so you have to visit. Does not take long though. Had android auto fine too.
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  8. You can now. Involves plugging in a laptop and some wizardry circuit board plugged into screen.. Mine took about 30 mins to go. We'll happy and worth it as I wanted rs monitor but could not find a car at the time
  9. Same here mate, always wanted the RS monitor too. Definitely going to get it done. Nice to know someone who’s had it done. Bit of a drive for me but will be worth it as i love my toys and gadgets. Lol
  10. There's a few clio bods had it done too.
  11. Had RS Monitor activated today by these chaps

    Works exactly as it would from factory on my 275 Cup-S

    Happy days!

    The guy is a calibration engineer that used to work for Dacia/Renault, so he knows what he's doing.
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  12. Really need to get this done, just need to find the time as it’s a 2hr 30min drive to Coventry for me.

    Can you adjust the throttle mapping on the RS monitor now? Believe this is possible with car fitted with RS monitor from factory.

    Brilliant it can now be activated though!
  13. What needs to be done to retrofit it?
    I have a 265 Cup with TomTom nav.
  14. Yep, throttle mapping works as expected. I can now chose between "Snow", "Progressive", "Linear", "Sport" and "Extreme".

    All of the data logging works, all of the sensors are present and I've downloaded track maps for UK circuit lap times.

    If you have R-Link V2 (The 8" touch screen) then it's all software related. The StageX guys had to use some interesting electronics, but were able to load the software via OBD and can activate Android Auto at the same time.

    If you have an older version of R Link (or none), they can fit the touch screen for extra cost.
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  15. That’s awesome. Always wanted the RS monitor, cool bit of kit to have and great for keeping an eye on engine performance.

    Definitely getting this done ASAP. My car is a 2015 RS265 with touchscreen so should be fine.
  16. Does anyone have part numbers for the parts needed to fit it? I don't think I have the RS Monitor module.

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  17. I've been trying to find the part numbers needed but no-one seems to be saying or know. I've emailed the guys doing this and had no response even though I'd be happy to pay them to do the work.
  18. Did the same thing today.
    Also, I've managed to dig up a couple of part numbers that I want to check with the dealer tomorrow.
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  19. Awesome! Hey mate - can you put up a video of the Android Auto in action? Super keen to see it!

    Any idea if Apple CarPlay would work?

    I have the RS Monitor V2 already (RS275 Cup) so assume just a software change to android auto working?

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  20. Yep, just software
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  21. Thanks mate. I’ll email them and see if it can be done remotely being as I am in Australia :worried:

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  22. Unlikely buddy, they had to remove the screen unit from my car and plug in some custom electronic PCBs to load the software
  23. It looks like you have the correct screen hardware, but the software looks different to mine? Is it R-Link version1?
  24. I was looking at this... seems to be software only through OBD port? I have the same Rlink Version 11.342 so makes me think this could work on mine?

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  25. Hold out hope mate! The guys from StageX might be able to do something
  26. How can I know that?
    I just have the RS logo when booting
  27. When running, my R Link Version 2 looks like this:



  28. Good call, I’ll email them and see.

    But it appears that DDT4all open source software lets you access the full canbus data, including activating the Android Auto which was installed on Clio throphys Rlink 2?

    Just need to make that cable or maybe buy one from Stage x.

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  29. I thought the same thing till I saw him crack out a box of gucci electronic circuit boards!
  30. Paddy80

    Paddy80 RSM Club Member

    What was the cost of getting the R.S monitor software installed if you don't mind me asking? Very excited by this. Had the version available on the my Mk3 200 and even that was fun albeit very basic compared to this!
  31. This is my navi


  32. Double post
  33. £150 and whatever the cost of getting to Coventry was. They also have a garage in London.

    Looks like you just have TomTom rather than RLink mate. Ask the guys at StageX motorsport if they can do it for you.
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  34. Paddy80

    Paddy80 RSM Club Member

  35. Makes you wonder, why don't Renault offer this themselves? Especially if there is no hardware restriction.

    Also @Darren Hughes - does Android Auto need your phone to be connected via a USB cable?
    And is streaming music (e.g. from Spotify) working?

    If so, sounds like a good investment.
  36. Yes you need to.use usb cable However I have a sony phone which has a known problem,and does not work with android auto. Wife's Samsung does but not used Spotify. If its android auto compatible it'll work
  37. I've been doing a bit of reading up about this over the past few days, trying to get Android Auto working on my 275 Nav. Although I haven't managed it yet (either my OBD2 adaptor is too old or my modified cable is wrong) it boils down to 2 things

    Android Auto - needs a modified, Multimedia, canbus cable and a copy of DDT4all. Basically, it can be activated via the OBD2 port. Instructions are here: https://www.gps-rlink.com/r-link-1/activate-android-auto-waze-on-r-link-1/

    RS Monitor - is done via a firmware hack, so you need to start taking the screen apart - start from page 16 here https://www.cliors-concept.com/rajout-du-rs-monitor-possible-ou-pas-t59517-450.html or from here - http://www.meganers.fr/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=15621&start=80#p1095369.

    I'm going to carry on trying to get Android Auto to work, but I think I'll probably pay stagex for the RS Monitor
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  38. Just a quick update about Android auto. It turns out that I'd modified the cable wrongly. I've just sorted that and now got a working Android auto and 'OK Google'. It's bloody brilliant.

    Here's hoping somebody works out how to do RS monitor via ddt4all
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  39. Just wondering how this will work as there are inevitable upgrades to android auto. Will it all just stop working one day and you will need to get the firmware hack done again?

    Probably a lot cheaper than the rlink map updates though. Ha ha
  40. As it's part of the firmware I don't think it'll just stop working, but any future firmware updates will be a risk. That said, you have to wonder how many updates will be released now the newest of these cars are a couple of years old.

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