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  1. Hi all

    please see screenshot / image attached - is this something that could fit onto a mk3 RS?


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  2. In case anybody is interested in this - it works and is fantastic!

    Andres is the gentleman behind the product who is very attentive and helpful. Based out in Pheonix, US. Very swift shipping and arrived to me within a week

    installation is pretty straight forward under the steering wheel column where the accelerator, brake and clutch pedal sensors are situated. Minefield for some illiterate like me so handed it over to my trusted auto leccy

    calibration is equally a piece of piss

    basically blips the throttle as your downshifting (heels and toes for you) all you need to do is hit the brake pedal first, clutch pedal second and shift like you would normally do. You can adjust how much blip you want, delay even of a split second while you dip clutch and shift etc

    the module can be turned off at the hit of a button if your not planning on spirited driving and popping to the shops for some milk

    if anybody has questions just give me a shout
  3. very interested, just need to know the all important cost if this item ??
  4. Just shy of 400 usd which works out to be just over £300 quid

    I did find a company in europe who had an ex demo module lying around but wanted about £250 so just went direct and bought brand new

    there are uk authorised sellers - but the relationship turned sour. Uk firm wanted the product at trade too cheap so he sold the remaining stock and never really got more in at least this is what Andres informs me

    a guy on e92 forums had one fitted to his manual m3 in the UK, said it worked spot on also which gave me confidence to take a punt. He was tracking his e92 too

    Handful of vids about on his website on this link -

    i can try taking a vid on the weekend if there is interest
  5. Unless you can fit it yourself, i’d say it needs a competent auto leccy.
    I rung literally tens of places local to me and further afield who hummed and arred as to whether doable or not and tbh i didn’t want to hand the keys over to just anybody at risk of f’ing up other stuff

    A heads up if anyone does go ahead and buy, it flags up an accelerator pedal sensor code. This was flagging up previously i’m told due to trying to heel and toe. Apparently it throws this code when brake and accelerator are pressed together

    it’s had a good few hours of driving now and works spot on
  6. Thanks for update, as far as flagging goes I get the issue would happen if presses brake and then throttle but guessing doesn’t flag a fault it heel&toe is performed correctly that being brake/clutch/throttle so by pressing clutch before throttle negates the throttle seeing that brake is on
    So who best person to contact regarding this product?
  7. Yes exactly mate i’m of that opinion too

    i’d drop Andres an email from the website i posted above. I think circa 5pm uk time is 9am pheonix time and he’s reasonably good at getting back comms wise too

    if there was more interest from fellow members i’m happy to facilitate a group buy and see if i can get a better rate for a bulk buy or everyone can just reach out individually

    mention Ahmed introduced you with the megane in the UK i’m confident he’ll look after you

    there’s some specific fitting guides for chevrolets and lotus’s etc on his website and also a universal guide. My auto leccy used the universal one to get it going on mine - also has calibration instructions on that too

    let me know if can’t be found i’ll post the link mate

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