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  1. Hi all,

    Returning member here :blush:

    I previously owned a Oyster Grey Megane 265 Cup which I loved. I sold the car after only 14 months as we had a new arrival and I thought I would struggle to keep the Megane and also provide for a newborn! I missed it every day. I replaced it with a cherished Clio 200 but I never clicked with the car.

    This brings me to my latest purchase....It’s a 2016 Megane 275 Cup-S. I’m sure many will recognise the car and know the owner - I believe Andy is a member here but I don’t know his username! The car is fantastic and certainly was box fresh for me picking it up! It’s a credit to its former owner and I’m just really enjoying owning it!

    Bringing it home on the ferry;


    And my previous Renaultsports;

    First one was a Clio 197 R27 which I owned for almost 5 years..


    I then sold the Clio and bought the Megane 265. Carried out a few modifications including adding Speedline Turinis, Scorpion turbo back, Airtec FMIC and RS Tuning remap. I took the car to the Ring and Spa to really enjoy it and see what the cars are capable of (even though I probably only enjoyed about 70% of the cars potential! lol)


    The Megane went :worried: and was replaced by a Clio 200.


    As great a car as they are, I was left underwhelmed. Especially after coming from a 315bhp Megane back to a Clio at around 185bhp. I made do and enjoyed the Clio for around 18 months until the time came to pick up the Cup-S.

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  2. Nice write up and welcome back to fun side of motoring
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  3. Car looks great although your 265 looked great too. Where abouts are you from i think ive seen your old megane and clio about they look familiar.
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  4. Cheers @bobsan!

    Thanks Jamie. I’m from Belfast :smile:.
  5. Ah right im on the boucher road every day must have seen you about on my way back and forward.
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  6. More than likely as I work on Boucher Road :smile:
  7. welcome back. Bought my trophy from Charles Hurst Belfast in 2017. Tried to contact the owner who was local to them but he never replied. Enjoy
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  8. Just had a nosey, I remember that car being up for sale! I work for Charles Hurst in the Warranty Department :smile:. Lovely car that!
  9. small world eh. Thanks ,yes it's gorgeous. Just never gets used,sat in the garage most of the time.Keep thinking if I should sell it but it's so nice. Still only done 17000 and smells like new inside. They delivered it to my door in a huge covered transporter,always remember that day,very impressed as it rolled out of the lorry on retractable ramps . :smile:
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  10. Nick

    Nick RSM Moderator

    Very nice 200 replacement
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  11. Eddie u get any discount on cars for me lol
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  12. I’m afraid not. Do we have something in stock you are after though? Just being

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