Renaultsport Megane paint codes

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  1. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    All the paint codes for different the Renaultsport Megane colours

    J39 - Pearlescent White
    369 - Glacier White
    QNC - Arctic White

    267 - Black Gold
    GNA - Deep Black
    GNE - Diamond Black

    D61 - Steel Grey
    F60 - Nimbus
    D60 - Lunar Grey
    KPN - Titanium Grey
    KNG - Oyster Grey
    D69 - Mercury Grey

    D38 - Inferno
    NNP - Flame Red
    NNF - Ultra Red
    727 - Capsium Red

    149 - Moonlight Blue
    J41 - Arctic Blue
    RND - Ultra Blue
    RNC - Albi Blue
    J45 - Racing Blue
    RNA - Extreme Blue
    472 - Twilight Blue

    ENP - Sport Yellow
    J37 - Liquid Yellow
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  2. nice one..cheers
  3. GNE - Diamond Black on twice @Gavin.
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  4. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    Cheers, sorted.
  5. Anyone know what shade of red is used on the 275R trophy blade ?
  6. Thread resurrection.....Trophy-R....wheels and "blade" are capsicum red I assume?
  7. Does anyone know the code for R26 mirrors?
  8. Anyone no where the code is on a facelift 265? The plaque is different from any of my other rs renault.
  9. Do I have some special color black, or am just missing something?

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  10. On my car the top sticker isnt there and doesnt look like it ever has been?
  11. Pearl black, code 676
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  12. Anybody tell me how to get my paint code?
  13. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Is it pearl White? If so it's Arctic and the code is above
  14. Do you no if there should be a sticker on my door pilar above the chassis number one or did they stop putting it there on the facelift for some stupid reason? Any other renault ive had it was there.
  15. Does anyone know what the paint code is for the black front blade and plastic surrounding the front number plate? Or is it just a generic gloss black? Mine are caked in small stone chips so would like to get the front end looking a bit fresher even though you can only see them within half a meter (OCD I know)
  16. Any decent gloss black should do.
  17. Alright cheers bud
  18. Anyone know anthracite pack paint code
  19. On the various Clio RS websites they have OEM alloy wheel paint codes available.

    For example, a Clio 197 base model OE wheels' paint code is 20588.

    Does someone here know where to find the wheel paint codes for Megane RSs? The car I specifically need that info for is a '2007 Megane 225 and it has the stock Phase 2 multispoke 7.5J18 ET68 RenaultSport wheels. What would be the right colour to repaint them with?
  20. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    Think I had some sort of Ford Grey touch up for mine, got it from Halfords. It was as near as damn It
  21. tricky one...i have bought replacement oem alloys for my R26 in the past,and they have arrived in different shades!
  22. Well that sounds like Renault all right :smile:

  23. Nice!
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  24. Megane 3 R.S Thropy-R black roof color code?

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