Renaultsport Megane Cup-S 275 (Flame Red)

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  1. Hi All.

    Read many a forum of cars and their progression and I've always vowed to make one. Now I've got a car that I can't help but love, I have to make a forum for it so here we are! First few pictures below of when I picked a car up.


    As you might be able to tell from the photos, when picking up the car it had the grill wrapped in a 3M Carbon Fibre. Now, there was nothing wrong with it but I’m more of an OEM fan and the rear ‘Megane’ lettering badges have got to go.

    A few posts are going to be added to this in quick succession to get the forum up-to-date with the Meg.
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  2. As a detailing enthusiast, I couldn't help but want to spend the first weekend detailing the car and restoring some glory to the Flame Red paintwork. In preparation, I visited CleanYourCar and bought the products that would live up to the job. Admittedly, I was only be able to do it by hand so I couldn't remove the majority of the swirls.

    20dFyy2.jpg DDEvJz3.jpg

    One of the finer details.. I mean, who doesn't love an Akrapovic exhaust?


    If you want to see a few more pictures then I wrote up a post on the Detailing area on the website.

    Admittedly, my opinion is pretty bias but I bloody love this colour. The transformation and gloss on the car, it's almost like a different colour to what it was when I picked it up.
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  3. After cleaning the car for the weekend, I couldn't help myself but take the car out for a hoon. After all, these sorts of cars were made to be driven rather than be a garage queen. Driving it back into my road, I realised that it had a horrific creaking and knocking from the front over the smallest bumps. Where I daily drive the car, it was seemingly getting worse and worse so I bit the bullet.

    I ordered some uprated front ball joints that were recommended to me and booked the car in at Rentech in Portsmouth; it has quite the reputation as a Renault specialist.

    Long story shot, last Thursday came about and it was sorting day.


    A fair few hours later and making it reasonable dent in my pocket, the balljoints on the car were sorted and it was immediately much much tighter to drive.


    All that was left to do for the time being was to have an alignment sorted and make sure that I was going to be able to use the car to its full potential.
  4. The morning after, but in this case, it was used in a good way! I had the car booked in on Friday morning to ensure that the car was going to be driving at full potential.

    Now, before the Meg, I'd only owned a stupidly low static Audi Avant so I wasn't used to this. I made my way to The Wheel Alignment Centre in Southampton (would thoroughly recommend) and it was sorted after about 20 minutes.

    On the drive home I could not believe how much the balljoints and alignment had made the car feel so much tighter. The strong whiff of torque steer had mostly vanished. I was taking it back and came to a roundabout, thought "Why not? He told me to test it properly?" so I blasted it around the roundabout, it held the line perfectly. I blitzed it up the hill, eased off the throttle to immerse myself in several pops from the exhaust. I mean, if you don't want to modify these cars, you really don't have to but I cannot wait for what I have planned.

    In the meantime, enjoy some of the documentary photos from the alignment below!

    slQP7Hr.jpg uD9DAFL.jpg KBQX1f3.jpg
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  5. On the day of having the alignment sorted, my new gearknob turned up, one that was an optional extra in the Cup-S. It has been a few days since fitting it. With it being aliminium the gear change has improved tremendously with more weighting to it and the driving experience is much better coming into regular contact with a more expensive feeling material.

    Anyone who is thinking of doing the modification, I'd highly recommend it as it's an easy change over, looks and feels much better too.

  6. Love that, it's what I'd upgrade the 250 to

    Agree regards the gearknob, made a hell of a difference for me too
  7. Thanks, Gaz. I think it really was worth the money where it's my daily driver and I do like a few toys!

    Definitely worth every penny and keeping it OEM. I'd love to retrim the wheel to some new alcantara as it's quite worn
  8. amazing how Renault managed to mess up the mk2 with its swivel hub design.Then made a problem even worse with the redesigned balljoint arrangement!
  9. Not the best thing that they've ever done, makes it a very expensive problem to fix!
  10. The mk2 swivel bearing thing isn't expensive if you can do it yourself, other wise if you have to pay someone to do it then it is, the mk3 has screw in ball joints, couldn't budge mine so bought an aftermarket set of arms, so will sort the others out when i have the time :laughing:
  11. Yep another worthy mod :sunglasses:
  12. Looks so good! Mine is the OEM retrim and it really could've been done better, can't wait to get it done!
  13. Just a Sunday wash that was needed this weekend. As much as I love driving the car, I do want to keep it looking fantastic at all times.


    I have a few subtle modifications to do which will make a bigger difference. Possibly swapping the 19s for some Tibor 18s soon to go for a chunkier tyre and improve the composure on the road (not that it needs improving or is uncomfortable at all!)
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  14. it will be better on 18`s.
  15. I've just heard that it will handle a fair bit better on the 18s and be a lot more composed. Will be interested to see the difference when I finally get them
  16. Looking really good. Love the flame red. See a few Clio's around and Mazda has a similar colour & it looks lovely.

    I guess it was only available on the Cup-S and I think the only sold a hundred or so overall so there cannot be that many in Flame Red. Despite all the press stuff been done with Flame Red cars.
  17. I guess it will be the ride quality that will improve with a bit more compliance from deeper sidewall. Which will help handling by virtue of the fact our roads are poor.
  18. It's an incredible colour isn't it! Beautiful car mate, what's the full spec on yours?

    I'd imagine the 18's are lighter too, and less unsprung weight = better everything. On 18's mine only becomes unpleasant at low speeds on crap roads.

    I'm eyeing up some TSW's for mine. They are one of the few wheels which come in a large offset and are really light. Tibors will then be demoted to winter wheels. A couple of mine are a little scuffed, and it wasn't me a swear!
  19. It is quite a rare car I think, I've had a few people comment on it and how they haven't seen one on the road, absolutely love it
  20. It's basically got every option ticked I believe, Ohlins, Recaros, Akrapovic, R.S Monitor, Dual Zone Climate Control etc. Absolutely love it!

    What are 'TSWs'? I quite like the Tibors a lot to be honest and it'll be a hell of a lot easier to clean than the Steevs!
  21. These are TSW Nurburgring's. Really high quality set of wheels. 18x9 ET63 size so they don't spoil the handling (standard wheels are ET65 I believe).

  22. Not my personal cup of tea but I can definitely see the appeal. I fancy some O.Z Superlegerras as my brother can get a very good deal on them for an aftermarket set
  23. Forgot about the unsprung weight also.

    Some tyre options drop off on 18s. I have ps4s and they are only 19 up.

    I am not so keen on tibors but some of the aftermarket wheels on a lowered car with wider offset look amazing.

    The Steev's are a pain to clean as you say and the tyre is quite stretched offering little rim protection.
  24. Yeah, I'll give a good look at tyre options but I've been told 235/40/18 is prime for the Megane. The Tibors aren't the best but for a daily wheel, I don't think you can go wrong, especially if they were in Satin Black.

    I do really like the Steevs and 19s but wheel cleaning is a mess and I'd much prefer some 18s with chunkier tyres for sure.
  25. 225s and 235s both fit, but last time i looked 235s were only £10 more than 225s so might as well go for the extra rubber
  26. Yeah for sure mate, it's a no brainer in reality
  27. Good and bad news..

    Bad first.. the person I was swapping wheels with backed out on me at the last minute which is extremely frustrating as I was really looking forward to having 18s on the car but this will have to be put on hold.

    Good news.. I've booked the first track day for next month, absolutely buzzing for it and can't wait! Just hoping the weather holds out as I'll be on the Potenza RE050A's rather than PS4's but I'm making some brake upgrades in preparation of the day so I look forward to sharing this with you over the next few weeks.

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