Renault Sport Espace.....well sort of, hopefully!!

Discussion in 'Other Projects' started by Flynny, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. A new video.
    100-180 12.3sec
    More boost :grinning:

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  2. Ha ha, what power is that one making??
  3. At last, some more progress has been day we'll get there!!

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  4. That looks awesome Flynny, keep up the good work!
  5. Screenshot_20190617-173506_Gallery.jpg :yum:
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  6. Update, m3rs pistons and conrods, 840cc injectors, 19T turbo, dp with 100cell cat, sharper cams, stronger clutch.
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  7. That's quite impressive. Great video!
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  8. OK, so after 4 long years the first version of the RS Espace is pretty much done!! You can go to my FB page here and see videos of it on the dyno and hear me talking rubbish about it if you are really bored!!!

    We didn't fit the big Garrett GTX in the end, there were issues with it physically fitting and I also started to get edgy about it wrecking gearboxes and driveshafts went with an old R26 Hybrid that I had, I was hoping for around 320hp but we only got 301, so I was a bit disappointed with that really. Paul at RS says the turbo was the limiting factor, so I may keep my eye out for a stage 2 hybrid as the engine is fully forged meaning it can take a lot more and the fuel system was only running at about 85%, would be nice to see 330-340 I think. Having said all that, the car is actually quite spritely as it is, I wouldn't go so far as to say it's fast, but its so much better than it was, well 301bhp and 305ftlbs is a LOT more than stock. It is also lowered on KW coilovers, so 65mm lower and much better body control, with 20mm spacers and 19inch Ford Focus RS Mk2 alloys giving a lot more steering feedback and grip. It's currently still on the standard gearbox too, I have an R26 box for it but again it was going to be more work messing about with it and I just needed to get it up and running.

    Really fancy taking it on track at some point, brakes will be an issue but should last at least one lap at a time, lol, and they aren't actually as heavy as you imagine, in this spec', manual, 2.0 petrol, no pan' sun roof it should only be 1660kgs dry, take all the passenger seats out and it looses a further 100 plus kgs, so who knows, we make take a trip to the 'ring and see how close we can get to Sabine's 9.29 7 seater record........will have to put the seats back in for that of course!!:blush::blush::sunglasses::sunglasses::smirk:
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  9. Great seeing some progress mate! 301bhp is nice enough for an Espace :smile: Weight isn't as bad as I thought, my Scenic was 1590kg (measured) with a full interior, took out the rear seats, subwoofer and spare wheel, and now it's 1470 (measured on the same scale) :smile: I hope you can go for that 7 seater record, would be amazing! Also, hope one day we can lap the ring together with the Espace and Scenic :smile: Gave your FB page a like as well :sunglasses:

    Do keep us updated!

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  10. Nice, very nice!!!
    Good results!
    But I really don't think that it is the first RS Espace, because there are several Espaces for 5-6 years ago with 280-300hp and 1 with 330hp already 1.5 years ago, maybe even stronger now!
    There is everything about them in this page and some before.
    But, it's good to know that somebody else likes to tune them too!
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  11. Hi Georgios, good to hear from you, well you can't say that without posting a link to them???? If I can't see them, they don't exist!!!! :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::sunglasses:
  12. Good to hear from you mate, I do need to actually get the car weighed at some point, will be out at the ring 5th and 6th April next year......might use the Espace to tow the track car so that I can take it for a lap or two!!!!
  13. 13 Espaces in 6 years, now I have only 3
  14. So, what is your info now?
    14T, m3rs injectors, 044 fuel pump, fuel pressure raised to 4.5bar, 1.0bar at 6000?
  15. This is how I've done all this years, m2rs or m3rs injectors and turbo, middle exhaust, 0.85-1.15bar at 6000
  16. Espace 340hp V6 3.5L vs Espace 330hp 2.0T
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  17. Screenshot_20210106-081706_Samsung Internet.jpg
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