Renault Sport Espace.....well sort of, hopefully!!

Discussion in 'Other Projects' started by Flynny, Nov 8, 2016.

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    What exhaust have you put on it?
  2. It is a custom de-cat, 3 inch pipe all the way to the back box then 2.75 inch tail pipe to reduce boom. A company near me made it, Demand Engineering, it looks lovely and sounds just how I wanted it too.
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  3. Can you see your boost, do you know how much you have 4000, 5000, 6000
    Your limit is 6200?
    Any video with acceleration?
  4. I love this thread, proper Q car, bet you surprise loads of so called hit hatches with it!
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  5. Grand Espace weight is 1800kg
    Stock 0-100 about 11sec
    Mine about 8sec
    Stock 100-180 about 37 seconds
    Mine about 15sec
    Of course many will be surprised!
    Specially from a red light or on a highway 5 persons In a car and full load in a back on a vacations.
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  6. Interesting thread and a very nice Espace right there!

    Do we have official information on what are all the differences between the various different F4Rt iterations? Would be very useful to have a complete breakdown somewhere to see just what is what and maybe even why Renault chose to upgrade this and that part for the higher performance versions of the engine.

    Seeing as you can squeeze out 200+ hp from any F4Rt, it would be very interesting to know why Renault changed ao many parts for the RS variants for example (and which parts they did change).
  7. I have breakdown all of f4rt engines and I know the difference between them and from which year and so.
    From engine with 9.5:0 I got 280hp on stock internals,
    From 9.0:1 engine 300-330hp stock internals,
    From 8.6:1 engine 400+ stock internals.
    F4rt forged 550+
    Block and head are strong, depends what you put in them and do with it!
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  8. I don’t actually have that much info, it was late by the time we got it running properly, I will be going back to get the set up perfected soon.....but I may as well do that once I have the bigger turbo, intercooler, injectors & so on!

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  9. 0-100
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  10. We will see how it will go for you, otherwise I can forged my espace, 90mm IC, cams, dp, full exhaust, 840cc, 19t billet to 400hp or td05h 20G to 500hp, and some more good stuff
  11. -Jamie-

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    What engine does 400+ on stock internals?
  12. M3rs with 500nm at 6000revs.
  13. 3CDE95D3-5FE6-42EE-BF10-BA95C95B031C.png Paddle clutch & SMF just been delivered & look what I’ve ordered now...!!!
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  14. Lovely!
    Now we are talking! :-)

    I have something too, 25G=60-1 ;-) 20180928_130011.jpg
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  15. Ha ha nice, what is that going on???
  16. Anyone know how far I'll get with 630cc injectors or should I go 875s???
  17. In my coupe I have 960cc
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  18. Injektorerna är beroende av bränslepumpen och trycket i det.
  19. Injectors are depending on the fuel pump and pressure in it.
  20. Speaking of which, what fuel pump have you used?? Thanks
  21. Walbro 255L and on some others dw265.
    But you should decide how much hp you want to have and how much you can get! According to this to choose optimal turbo and injectors and fuel system for it.
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  22. F70784B5-8EC1-49B4-9C91-3653B4E41178.jpeg It’s a big ‘un!!!!
  23. With 14T 1.0bar comes at 2000revs, with this at 4000+revs. Until 4000 will you take a vacation?
    We will see how it will drive, when you are ready
  24. I know, but I'm old so I like a bit of lag, it will remind me of my old 300hp Sierra Cosworth, nothing, nothing, nothing....Zoooooom!!!! Its a GTX3076, it looks bigger in the picture than it really is....a bit!! lol
  25. You are 2 years older than me.:grinning:
    300hp can you have already with 14T turbo :yum:, that you have in Espace now. :wink:
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  26. Here we go again...engine out!!!
  27. Well we are still going, we've added Supertec Inconel valves and uprated springs while the engine is out this time, not sure why I didn't do that first time really but hey, done now. Still waiting for the exhaust manifold that should be here this week and now just trying to sort fuelling, going with 875cc injectors and a Bosch 044 then the question is to return or not to return......!!!
  28. 049F5162-8134-41A4-A1F1-93B0F5B3FC8B.jpeg Is it wrong that this excites me???
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  29. Hell no lol
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  30. I bought once again an Espace and it was with a broken belts, all valves are cracked.
    But now it has ported head, 630cc, 15T.
    Middle exhaust 60mm, stock cat and all rest is stock :laughing: IMG_20181210_233416_076.jpg :-)
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  31. Ha ha, awesome, I'm still battling away with mine....seems that the Supertech Valves now don't fit.....!!
  32. M2rs head and M3rs head have different valves .
  33. I did this on my orange meg, just got a local engineering company to ream out the exhaust guides, it's only 0.5mm :laughing::laughing:
  34. Supertec Valve 1.jpg Supertec Valve 2.jpg OEM Valve 1.jpg OEM Valve 2.jpg Hmm, too small in diameter and too the guy has tested the stiffness and they don't actually appear to be any stiffer!!
  35. Flynny
    You must have bought the wrong ones, the smaller diameter yes, but if you push them onto the valve seals they click on, there was a huge difference in the stiffness of the ones i fitted over the stock ones.
  36. 100-180 13.6sec :-)

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  37. Stock vs 14T, chip

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  38. Just for fun :-)
    M3rs vs Espace 14T vs 15T :-)

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  39. Soon and very soon :-)


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