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  1. So, I do own an R26.R honest, but now for some strange reason, well mainly because they are so good at throwing things in, such as people, mountain bikes, dogs, elderly relatives etc, I have just purchased a 57 plate Grand Espace, Dynamique S, 2.0T, Manual, which was surprisingly hard to find, presumably because most of the Geriatrics that bought them new preferred oil burning and not to have to use too many legs to drive with.....anyway, to cut a long story short I am now endeavouring to get a few more horses from it, amongst other things. My research suggest that the engine internals, intake manifold and exhaust manifold are all the same. The injectors and intercooler are definitely not the same, and the boost pipes are pretty weedy looking, but I can't establish for sure if the Turbo is the same as a 225.....I assume that it isn't but I'm struggling to be sure, does anyone happen to know???
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    Im pretty sure there is a tuned one on here already, Worth having a search for the thread
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  4. From what I've found the 125kW version has a F4R-796 engine, might help in your search.
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  5. Hi Flynny
    Thank you for pointing out that i am a Geriatric, i am getting old though, but i do very much like my oil burning G Espace manual, it's a DCi 175 dpf deleted and remapped now at 155k miles and still going very strong.
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  6. Oops sorry mate!!!! :relaxed::relaxed:
    It seems that the part numbers from Mitsubishi are different for the turbos, 49377-07303 being the Espace one and 49377-07313 being the RS225's one......I wonder if it is just different internals, perhaps blade angle etc for bottom end rather than top end....would that make sense??
    Anyway if any one has an RS250 Turbocharger they want to sell, I'll defo' be interested, at least that way I know I'm getting a different one!!
  7. Hey man, I'm doing the Scenic 2.0T! The turbo on our engines is smaller than the Meg RS's, plus different hotside cam, valves, pistons and head gasket. Apart from these the two engines are the same! As far as I know the injectors are the same as well, but I'll check the part numbers tomorrow or the day after. Let me know if you have any specific questions, if you give me the type code of your car I can look any part up! Cheers, gazserm
  8. Our engines are the F4R 776 ones, which have a TD04-10T turbo. I myself am looking into getting a 250 turbo as well among other stuff in the future, I thought about getting one from, just don't know if they are any good As 550 for a brand new 250 turbo sounds like too good of a deal.
  9. Hello mate, thanks for that, I have been looking everywhere but couldn't find the info' on the turbos, I guessed they must be different. So is it still worth getting the big turbo then despite the internal differences??? I mean will it be able to breath fast enough? Are the valves actually smaller??
    Mine is being lowered tomorrow and I have some 20mm spacers/adapters going on with a set of black Focus RS 19 inch alloys.....let's see what that looks like!!!
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  10. No idea honestly, but I am willing to try....hopefully next year. What I know is that our engines have a higher compression ratio (9.5:1 if I recall correctly) and that if you want power, forget the stock exhaust system as it restricts A LOT! My car was remapped about 10 years ago with a fully stock engine and exhaust, had about 200 hp, and when I got the Milltek catback the car got significantly faster and happier. (The Meg RS systems fit my Scenic only with the end tips modified) Decats help a lot as well, something I will need to get too. Cheers, gazserm
  11. Interesting, I can see that the exhaust will be bad, it is so skinny in the mid section, it looks as if a Megane Decat pipe will fit, so that is defo' coming soon then a custom made cat back system as I don't think a Megane one will fit, the car is so much bigger. I have the standard pipe from my R26.R so I might try and fit the back box and exit pipes from that, so that it has the twin exhausts in the middle, true Renault sport style! Have you changed your intercooler? The standard one on mine is tiny, so I'm looking at trying to get a decent sized front mount for when I get more power!
  12. If you give me your type code (for example my Scenic is JM0W, I think yours ends with '0W' as well because of the engine) I can look it up if a Megane decat or other exhaust parts fit! I am running the stock intercooler for now, but I want to change that as well, along with the turbo, injectors, air filter, decat and a remap.
  13. So where will I find that???? :flushed::flushed::flushed:
  14. The car's papers, under the chassis number or whatever you englishmen call it, mine starts from the 4th character (mine says VF1JM0W, I'll need the latter four characters along with the manufacturing date or the date it got its plate (year and month perfectly enough).)
  15. Flynny if you drop me a pm we can talk through email if you want!
  16. If you want a good 230 turbo let me know. Ran me at over 280bhp no issues and has no play.
  17. Thanks mate but I have just bought a complete engine with for a little bit of shopping with Wossner....
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  18. Maaan I'm already a bit envious hahaha :smiley:
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  19. This reminds me of that F1 engine'd espace Renault did a few years back
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  20. pics? or as they say it didn't happen :-)

    You can see Adrians 225 Scenic-II [RS26RR] and my Sleeper Scenic in this video:

    and other RS-Meganes.
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  21. image.jpg Lol, here is the only picture I have of it at the moment, I have the R26 LSD box now & the RS225 engine, however as I walked out of work back at the beginning of December things are temporarily on hold, the wife seems to think it wouldn't be an appropriate use of funds......women, so strange!!! Lol
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  22. I hear that there is a place in Germany that can be driven to and there are [might be] jobs there.

    Yes, cars drive around at very high speeds and then slip off into the rails and the rails need cleaning at great expense - hence the need for constant workers.

    Are you fancying driving to the said Ring place in Germany one time to check the notice-board for jobs ? I volunteer to pay fuel, beer and travel costs if you need to go for testing this van and looking for work. :innocent: If you have a job by then, share costs. :smiley:

    If no jobs there, we turn around and drive back. Explain honestly to wife "No jobs there" [try hide smile].
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  23. Ha ha, that sounds like a good plan, I'm a big fan of the 'ring, although as you can see in my profile picture the Police there may not think so!!! lol
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  24. I recognize that spot from some motovlogger videos haha :tongueout: If you could get your mate with the R26 Scenic on here that'd be awesome man, I'd love to have a chat with him as well! If not, maybe some kind of contact would be great :smile:
  25. Right, IMG_3584.JPG so, some shopping has been question now is does anyone know what the standard bottom ends will put up with...or should I just do that while we're in there???? Cheers
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  26. Ohhhh that's a neat package! :smiley: What's the power goal? :smiley:
  27. Right, so I have now ordered up some ARP head bolts, King Racing big ends and mains and a competition head gasket, the plan is to then add a Garratt GTX3071R, custom manifold and exhaust and 630cc injectors and nice big front mount intercooler. I'm after 400bhp plus, but was wondering what the weak point/restrictions might be in the top end......any ideas what is likely to be the limit of the top end????
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  28. Flynny, you are living MY dream now :tongueout: Can't wait to see that epic epic family van go like an animal! :smiley:
  29. On YouTube there is a laguna 2.0t running about 500bhp. It will be great being near to that
  30. I'm still working on this....KWs are on it now, full 3 inch custom made pipe, the motor is built but I'm a bit low on funds so it is going in with a standard RS Megane turbo for now.....hopefully we will get the big turbo etc all sorted next year...!!

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  31. Oh my lord, that's looking soooooooo good! We'd love to see some more pics, y'know... Sits perfectly with the KWs! Is there a kit for the Espace or is it a custom fit? Also, which KW is that? V2?
  32. The KWs are V2s and it is a standard kit that they do for Espace 4....I was amazed!! They are made to order so took a month or two to get them, it is 60mm lower than standard now. It is having the motor fitted this weekend then will need setting up, hoping to get 240bhp plus on standard turbo and injectors, de-cat pipe, bigger intercooler, we will see. I'll get some pictures of it when it is clean after that for you.
  33. Sounds awesome! Let me know how good the V2s are, that's what I want for the Scenic as it's also available for that
  34. Nice to see some progress still going on here! :sunglasses:
  35. One engine out and one engine in....if only there was a big shiny Garrett sat on year!!

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  36. Awesome work. Keep pushing!

    Enviado desde mi G708 Oc mediante Tapatalk
  37. Hmmmm, so it seems that the S3000 ECU on the Espaces does not use the same protocol as the Meganes and Clios...., plenty of websites claiming that tuners can re-map them, but I have had 3 try so far and they can't, their kit just won't communicate with it....long shot, but does anyone know of someone who has actually had an Espace 2.0t re-mapped?? I know loads of tuners sites are saying they can do it, but I think that they all just assume it will be the same as the Meganes, so I'm looking for any info from someone who has had it done or knows for sure of someone who has??? Cheers
  38. Have you spoken to Paul at RST or Andy at Engine Dynamics?

    They may be able to help you.
  39. I haven't spoken to RST but the car is at Engine Dynamics as we joy. The issue I think is that all these guys are using software developed by someone else, they haven't actually done the cracking of the manufacturers code, so when the systems they are using can't communicate, that is it...Andy is really good at using the software he has, but he didn't write it...see what I mean? I need to know if someone has actually bothered to crack the Espace protocol and done one....will ask RST though, cheers.
  40. I was at ED earlier and saw a modified Espace outside - it didn't click that it was this one!

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