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  1. hi, I'm about to buy a 2016 cup-s. For tuning I'll be going to RSTuning in Leeds, but I wondered where to go for other mods specifically handling, and also for servicing.

    Any recommendations in the north of England? Thanks.
  2. EFI....rev limit uk.....northwest performance.....and birchdown who are excellent!
  3. I used to get my trophy serviced at birchdown they were excellent! Just a bit far for me.

    Had my full brake upgrade done by northwest performance, again brilliant!

    However I then found out a lad at my works brother was head tech at Renault Manchester so started taking it there. But now he's gone to the AA.

    So I'm booked in on the 15th for my Clio 197 at revlimit will let you know if you want.
  4. Another vote for Birchdown near Malpas. They don't do tuning work, but for general servicing they are first rate. Fantastic customer service. They are both trained Renualt techs who setup their own business because they thought they could offer better service and cheaper prices, which is very true.
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    Known Steve and Andy for years, done all my clios and now the meggy. Safe hands with these guys :smiley:

    Done belts, suspension and decatted the meggy recently
  6. Wouldn't touch north west performance with a barge pole personally

    I've seen their "belt changes"
  7. GB vehicle services in Warrington are bob on!

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