Renault Sandero RS 2.0 Racing Spirit

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  1. Brazil only by the looks of things, but erm... what do we think?






    "Brazil's best-selling hot hatch gets spiced up with a new limited edition named Racing Spirit. Renault Sport, the Renault Sandero RS 2.0 Racing Spirit was unveiled at the Curitiba Renault Sport Track on May 12, 2017.

    Sandero RS 2.0. Michelin PS4 tires paired with 17 '' alloy wheels, red brake calipers and wheel center caps. Red is also spread on the F1-style blade, side-view mirrors, along with the diffuser and new "Racing Spirit" side stripes.

    The cockpit-inspired cabin adds sportiveness to the Sandero RS 2.0. Beginning with the numbered plate of the gearshift. Red side air vents and speedometer trim ring embellish the all-new black roof; Also features red stripes and stitches. Glossy black center fascia and inner door handles complete the Black & Red sport harmony inside.

    Designed and styled by Renault Sport Renault Design Latin America and Renault Technocentre America, the Sandero RS 2.0. Is a genuine sports car. It is manufactured at the Renault plant of Curitiba (Brazil).

    Sandero RS 2.0 Racing Spirit will be displayed at Buenos Aires Motorshow from June 10th to 20th 2017."
  2. Like it. Manual gearbox.

    Shame it's not over here.

    Cheap, light, 150 bhp and more fun than a Clio 200/220T.
  3. U guys got the megane. Here in mexico only clio rs or sandero :/ i prefer to see the megane over here

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  4. I kinda like it. They should release a sporty Sandero over here, seeing as they have sodded up the Clio.
  5. Renault need something with an RS badge on it that is cheap, fun and capable in the showroom. A bit like the previous RS Twingo.
  6. This was in the showroom a couple of hours ago.

  7. Not a Renaultsport.
  8. It says Renaultsort on it.

    What does your car say on it?
  9. That's a Twingo GT.
  10. And it's just come from the showroom, is cheap, fun and capable (depending on your definition obviously). And it has an RS badge. What does your car say on it again, Charlatan? IMAG0658.jpg
  11. How was the Trip to Manchester. Did you spot my old Trophy there.
  12. That's a GT by Renaultsport.
  13. It was quick and painless. In and out in 20 minutes. I thought they would go through the Clio we traded in but they didn't even look at it.

    I had a quick look round but couldn't see your old Trophy. Maybe it was inside, or up at the top bit which is all 2nd hand stuff.
  14. Why are you so belligerent and argumentative, whilst at the same time refusing to answer direct questions?

    You, sir, are a Charlatan of the first order. This place was a lot better when you went away.
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  15. Nothing argumentative, which is the road you want to go down.

    Renault do a GT by Renaultsport and they do pukka Renaultsport models. Same with the Clio GT.
  16. @Aerofoil
    Have you driven the Twingo? Or the R.S. sandero? Your point about one being desirable as a cheap/cheerful hot/warm hatch and the other one not is surely completely invalid, if not.

    Not getting argumentative, but you're always moaning about Clios being useless, Twingos not being 'pukka' and that the new Meg is in danger of becoming bad... nothing but negativity, even without any constructive criticism or comments.
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  17. Xanda73 has said the Twingo GT isn't a proper RS on another thread.

    The Clio 200T should have been labelled as a GT. Too soft, no real RS DNA.

    I'm hoping the next RS Megane is a return to form and follows on from the previous great RS Megane tradition.
  18. lol You'll find our old friend Aero/Technomatt(?)/172rs (too many bloody names to remember) is a very quick draw with his opinions. You either get used to it or ignore it entirely.

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