Renault Parts Direct: are they still open ??

Discussion in 'Dealer and Specialists Feedback' started by John R26, May 11, 2020.

  1. Have sent emails to them weeks ago and they replied "will open 1st May " so sent another asking about particular parts well after that date.....still no answer. Are they closed due to Covid still.....anybody ?
  2. No they are open, I ordered parts two weeks ago and got them in 2 days.
    Might not be anyone manning the emails though I suppose.
  3. Mossyv6

    Mossyv6 RSM Club Member

    I have been ordering parts all the time recently and got them within 2 days.
  4. Salty

    Salty RSM Moderator

    Give them a bell, I’ve had orders delivered and I’ve sent stuff back with no issues.
  5. I am in OZ so a bit hard to phone when an email is suffice. 3 emails now and completely ignored. K-tec are spot on with their service however RPD leave a little to be desired..
  6. I think given the current situation you need to cut them some slack.

    I think RPD are a subdivision of a Renault Main Dealer. Which will be closed at the moment.

    Under normal circumstances always been happy with service.
  7. But a reply to an Email doesn't take two minutes :persevere:
  8. I agree with you Ian. I first emailed them 3 weeks ago..... a 2 minute email in 3 weeks duration would be decent. I have ordered the parts through K-tec now.....cheers all and keep safe !

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