Renault Megane R26 Track Car - Forged 430 BHP

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  1. Renault Megane R26 F1 Team edition
    Mileage: Car 84500 miles, 2500 miles since full engine rebuild.
    MOT until: 28/08/2023
    Owned since: Aug 2018
    Price: £13995

    Unfortunately, me and my dad have decided to sell our Renault Megane R26 track car. The car has undergone extensive restoration and modification and is aimed more towards track use, however is still fully road legal. During our 4.5 year ownership, we have further modified and improved upon the car turning it into a reliable and extremely capable vehicle. The reason for the sale is that my dad is now 75 years old and has started to develop arthritis in his shoulder which makes changing gear painful. So unfortunately, we need to start looking for a semi-automatic replacement.

    The engine is fully forged running a Garrett G25-550 turbo, currently developing peak power at 430.1hp with a capped torque of 360ftlb. To ensure reliability at this power, a custom fuel system with bosch 044 fuel pump and swirl pot has been installed. The car has been mapped by EFI Parts in Runcorn. These guys are the experts at mapped high power Meganes and have done an incredible job making the car a joy to drive and it can really handle the power well. Combined with the slick tyres there are not many other cars that can keep up on track.

    The car will come with 2 sets of wheels:
    • Team dynamics pro race 1.2 (18*8.5, et55j) - Perfect fitment with Pirelli slicks
    • Standard R26 wheels with almost brand new Rainsport tyres for wet weather.

    A decat downpipe is installed however the exhaust has been modified so that a 200 cell sports cat can be easily installed in a matter of minutes with V-band clamps. This has passed the last 2 MOT’s with no problem at all.

    We purchased the car after it had done only 1000 road miles following the rebuild by the previous owner. The engine build documentation was extremely extensive and detailed which gave me great confidence in the build. I am happy to provide all the photos and documentation of the process.

    The bodywork is in good condition but there are a few odd marks here and there as it is mainly a track car. A link to a high resolution copy of the advert photos can also be provided if required.

    The car is well known and fully documented on the forums. BigUno's original thread is here:

    We have tried to keep an updated build thread during our ownership here:

    High resolution pictures are available

    List of specification:

    • Block rebore to 83mm (from 82.7mm) / honed / piston clearances checked
    • Cylinders honed
    • Oil squirters removed and checked
    • Block repainted
    • Crankshaft saddles reseated / chased saddle bolt threads
    • Crankshaft balanced (no work needed) and polished
    • Block deck hand refinish
    • Piston / connecting rod assemblys matched <1g
    • Wossner pistons 83mm fitted (with gudgeon pins / rings)
    • PEC connecting rods fitted
    • ARP connecting rod bolts fitted
    • King racing big end bearings bearings fitted
    • Kolbenschmidt main bearings fitted
    • Thrust bearings fitted (check packaging for maker)
    • ARP saddle stud kit fitted
    • Renault oil pump / pump chain fitted
    • Renault complete lower gasket kit fitted
    • Cylinder head pots reworked to semi mirror finish
    • Cylinder head exhaust ports reworked smoothed edge and ground even
    • Cylinder head induction ports knife edged and bored out / removed cast defects
    • Cylinder head deck face skimmed
    • Cylinder head exhaust / induction / thermostat hand finished
    • Cylinder head / rocker cover cam journals polished
    • Supertech valves fitted (nitriled steel induction / inconel exhaust)
    • Catcams valve springs fitted
    • Renault stem seals fitted
    • Head bolt threads chased
    • Renault head gasket fitted (stock height)
    • ARP head stud kit fitted
    • Lifters checked / emptied / refilled
    • Camshaft check / journals polished
    • Renault top end complete gasket / seal kit fitted
    • Renault waterpump fitted
    • Clio 1*2 crank counterbalance fitted
    • Renault cambelt kit fitted
    • Replaced upper rear engine mount
    • Replaced upper side engine mount (febi) / powerflex yellow insert
    • Replaced lower engine mount / powerflex yellow insert
    • Fitted gearbox mount powerflex yellow insert
    • Removed battery tray / bracket
    • Removed air conditioning pump
    • Fitted NGK iridium spark plugs (8 heat range)
    • Fitted coil packs (Valeo green tops)
    • Fitted low temperature thermostat
    • GT performance ancillary hose kit
    • GT performance coolant hose kit

    Turbocharger & Ancillaries
    • Nortech tubular manifold
    • Garrett G25-550 fitted (0.7 A/R / standard rotation)
    • Nortech downpipe fitted
    • Turbosmart comp gate 40 gen V fitted
    • Mishimoto heat wrapped manifold & downpipe
    • DEI starter heat shield
    • Turbo blanket
    • Airtec 95mm intercooler
    • GT performance boost pipe kit
    • Custom boost hoses

    • Gearbox rebuilt (Renault input / gear cluster / differential bearings / Renault input / output and other seals)
    • Fitted new Renault drive shafts
    • Helix 5 puck paddle clutch
    • Fitted Renault slave cylinder

    Fuel System
    • Custom Megane MK3 fuel rail (removed regulator housing / dash 6 fittings inlet and return / moved mount brackets to suit MK2 inlet manifold
    • Bosch 044 fuel pump
    • Swirl pot (2L)
    • Torques 100micron fuel filter
    • Pump power panel with emergency stop

    Chassis & Interior
    • SW Motorsports roll cage
    • Turn One dished steering wheel
    • Corbeau Club Sport seats
    • Removed rear interior / headlining
    • Removed rear seats
    • Schroth 6 point harnesses
    • Relocated battery to rear passenger footwell
    • Removed battery tray & bracket
    • Fuel system mounted to rear driver footwell
    • Fitted BC racing BR coilovers 7kg front / 7kg rear

    • Front callipers rebuilt
    • Rear callipers rebuilt
    • Braided lines fitted
    • Performance Friction Z 330mm big brake kit discs
    • Ferodo ds 1.11 front pads
    • Brembo rear discs (with wheel bearing)
    • Ferodo ds2500 rear pads

    • Forge dump valve
    • Miltek exhaust
    • Quick release V-band sports cat for MOT
    • Carbon canister delete
    • ECU bracket
    • Optima red top battery located in rear footwell with negative disconnect
    • Various paintworks including engine, gearbox and bay, too much to list
    • Team dynamics 18x8.5 et55j wheels with Pirelli slicks
    • Standard R26 wheels with rainsports for wet weather.
    • Wheel alignment currently set to a track focussed specification.
    • Oil temp, boost, oil pressure gauges.
    • 2 keys provided

    main photo.jpg

    s-l1600 (2).jpg










    power graph.jpg
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