Renault Manufacturer Uograde?

Discussion in 'Dealer and Specialists Feedback' started by L-1011, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. Got this today from my local dealer. Only spotted it tonight when I get home and they were closed.

    "You have been selected by Renault UK for a manufacturer upgrade on your car. Call us on......"

    Any ideas?

    RS 175 Cup Lux
  2. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    Odd. Keep us posted
  3. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Loads of people got this
  4. Sales must be low.

    Both the wife and I have had "good news about your vehicle. Please call immediately" at exactly the same time.

    Didn't bother calling. If they can offer the new Alpine at 30k then I'll call, but failing that, what do they have?
  5. You see I've probably misread it but first I thought is this just a sales thing but then I took manufacturers upgrade on your car to mean something along the lines of an actual physical upgrade. Then I wasn't sure so asked here.

    I'll ring them tomorrow and see what rubbish they try and offer which I won't want.

    RS 175 Cup Lux
  6. Rang them today.

    Without even asking me about the unique code they wanted to invite me to the showroom to test new cars and then let me know what the loyalty discount would be.

    When I asked what it was they couldn't tell me and just wanted to book me in for test drives.

    Apparently loyalty for being a previous customer even though I didn't buy my car from Renault and have never used them for any type of workshop service.

    Naturally I'm not following it up.

    RS 175 Cup Lux
  7. It's good that they're taking an interest I guess, even if it is only a sales call.

    The loyalty discount will be bullshit though - everybody will get offered the same thing, as a starting point at least.

    I sometimes feel like calling them and discussing "an upgrade" before mentioning that I bought the 'top' model they sell so where do I go from here, but it seems churlish.
  8. Yeah after mentioning it they said it was just me and 79 other people only available for this deal (of which they wouldn't even suggest the details).

    Even when I said I hadn't bought a single thing from Renault thus how could
    I be a loyalty customer, they said it doesn't matter.

    All BS

    RS 175 Cup Lux

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