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  1. I'm looking to buy a new Meg early next year. Now thinking logically I'd like to drive one to see what it's like before I spend all of my money on it! So I called a local Renault dealership who have 4 265's in stock. He was very happy to help and said I could test drive a car today, until I said what I was looking at, and there suddenly became a 2 week wait! He said it's because it's a specialised car so I have to book in advance! Anyone know why this is? I also had the same at another dealership whilst sat in the car with the keys and the salesman. Do they not want to sell cars? Sorry for the rant but I think this is a bit silly!
  2. sounds nuts..

    which dealership was this
  3. Agree - its as if they want him to put an order in for a Focus RS with that attitude
  4. Watford and London west!
  5. I wish!
  6. I would suggest you tell them you are looking to order one now. Car dealers work month by month, and someone who may or may not potentially buy a car a some point in the future is generally not a hot prospect for the dealer. A bit like looking round at houses to buy without a mortgage in place. If you are ready to buy one now, just make it clear and you will get your test drive, you can always tell them you need to 'think about it' and buy one next year anyway, but dealers all want you to buy on the day. I know this because of 10 years motor sales main dealer experience, so if you want any haggling tips, let me know :wink:
  7. Thats crap. I used Renault Croydon.Took my 197 in to get wiper linkage. They had a 275 sitting for sale outside and I was chatting to the service guy. I mentioned no intention to buy, just shower an interest in Renaultsports, and still got to take it out for a test. Worked out for them as I ended up buying it.
  8. Well I want a used one but in a certain spec, but at 23 I want to have a proper look before I spend £15-17k! I just think that it's bad that a dealer doesn't even want your business when you're potentially buying one of the most expensive cars on their forecourt!
  9. Try one of thse

    John Banks Cambridge
    Motorline Maidstone
    Benfield Newcastle
    Hold croft Stoke
    Westover Poole
    AC Inverness
    Brayleys Milton Keynes
    Vespers Plymouth
    Harratts Wakefield
    Renault London West
    Renault Birmingham
    Masters of Beckenham
    AC Warrington
    Hartwell Kidlington
    AC Glasgow
    Lookers Chester
    Park's Motherwell
    Martins Basingstoke
    Charles Hurst Belfast
    Renault Manchester
    Renault Enfield
    Renault Cardiff
    Shelbourne Motors
    Renault Orpington
    Bristol Street Nottingham

    Those are the RS dealers, should be better to deal with. If not then tell RUK.
  10. Best of luck with Renault Orpington.
  11. both of whom are absolute shit! Watford are not even an RS dealer if i remember correctly. and London are far up their ass
  12. I might.... have fed back to RUK about that. They're supposed to be an RS specialist but at that sound they're not doing very well.
  13. Renault down here are shit as well, asked if they would be getting the Clio 220 in "no we don't want people coming in and wasting our time"
  14. I bought my 265 from London West 9 months ago. I have not had to go back since. However, I was considering buying a Zoe as a run around, Masters of Beckenham and Orpington are very poor indeed. Changed my mind about the Zoe, no confidence at all. Not sure where I will get my car serviced. No regrets with the 265 though!
  15. Cheers for that!
  16. Wasn't really aware of that forum but I'll join up! Thanks for that! Yeah it was London west and Watford, which are seperate. Watford aren't renaultsport dealers which showed because his knowledge stretched as far as "it's bloody quick". Which is fine! London west also said they'd call back and didn't. I don't mind but if rather they said they're not interested in dealing with me and I'll just go elsewhere! No skin off my nose if I have drive a few more miles! I did go to hardings Renault a while back and he was more than helpful, but they don't stock the rs meganes very often as they don't shift as well and their forecourt isn't huge!
  17. Vospers of Plymouth are a waste of time as well, parts guy didn't even know what an R26 was, all he wanted was a reg, i was looking for a cage net from a R26.r.

    Going to make my own now.
  18. Hardings of bovingdon are good for that kind of think, I needed some new trim bits and they called the factory and got them shipped the same week!
  19. Mine was secondhand, ex Renault press car. Can't fault Renault Croydon. Recently won an award for the dealership. Have had to use them Dora warranty claim and the just replaced the rear brake pads, no quibble.
    SMC Aldershot are okay but not as good. Only reason they were good was because of their parts guy (Karl if anyone remembers him)

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