Renault Alpine Vision

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  2. [​IMG]




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    I love it, love the original too. It's nice to see them keep the similar styling upfront.
  4. If they'd have made something like this when I bought the Trophy, I would have be very tempted.

    It needs to be closer to £30k than £40k though. Caymen is too expensive and Elise/Exige too hardcore for an only car. GT86 too weedy.

    The Alfa 4C is something they should be aiming at, concept wise, but at a much cheaper price IMHO.
  5. Not so keen on the extra retro front candles.

    1.8 Megane RS with 300 bhp then.
  6. THAT is VERY nice!!!
  7. I don't like the weird lights in the middle. Apart from that it's a good looking car. I believe it will be auto only though which is a shame.
  8. Want!
  9. Daz


    The lights are what makes it! looks great
  10. I like the front, hate the back
  11. +1
  12. I'm fine with the styling - yeah it's not the best looking car in the world, but it's nice. The back does ape an Audi A7 though.

    I've no problem with it being a paddle shift auto either - it's the way everything is going so people better get used to it. Huge efficiency savings to be made using this technology. A blown 4 1.8 with 250hp would be great if they can, as promised, keep the weight below 1100kgs. The success or otherwise of this will be down to how it drives, and how close it is to £30k and far away from £40k.
  13. Discussed at Renault. Cars should grown on you. Like if you laugh at it. Renault do make good car
  14. Weird how they're using a 7 speed in the Alpine and then a 6 speed in the new Megane, means they've had to do the work of mating 2 different boxes to the same engine. Perhaps the 7 speed isn't up to hauling the Megane around but then, they could have chucked the same 6 speed in and save themselves some work possibly.

    Love the over use of the Chapman name in the article given the fallout they had with Lotus, bet they love that.

    Also just noticed it's conveniently priced the same as the 4C, it'll be interesting to see a head to head given the extremely similar ingredients. Well.. you know apart from Alfa being a well established brand and Alpine being somewhat forgotten outside car nerds circles.
  15. Cracking motor.

    Attention to detail, weight concept, performance and looks are spot on.

    No big Renault badge anywhere, seperate brand policy. No trick dampers.

    Only those that value the heritage, lightweight philosophy and engineering detail will buy it, which means the 99.9% that tool around in BMW, Audi and Porsche won't bother.

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  17. I would really love to have one of these but I bet that fire will put many people off. I hope not, I want this car to be a huge success and the RS model after it to be amazing. If I had the money I'd probably still be putting my name down for the RS one.

    Have they said what the cause of the fire was yet?
  18. Probably all the hot air coming out of EJs mouth.
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