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  1. Just thought i'd leave a review of this specialist seeing as the car has recently been there.

    Bought my 225 about a month ago, 2 days later it went in to limp mode. Found Ren7Oaks online, called and booked it in for 2 days time as they were busy, which i was fine with, dropped it off in the morning, called me a few hours later to say that it was throwing up a code for the throttle body, and that its probably that or the wiring. Then gave me the choice of them just changing the body or checking the wiring first, and the choice of a new part or 2nd hand part i would source myself, which i thought was good.

    They checked the wiring and found no faults, so called and asked what i wanted to do, ordered in my throttle body, which due to time wouldn't be there till the following monday. Monday morning arrives, i get a call at 11am saying its all done, along with a new vacuum hose i needed, and they also re tapped the threads which had been previously cross threaded. Wasn't expecting the car back that early so that was a treat.

    All in all, very happy with their services. Good hourly rates for work to be carried out and a good knowledge. Also very friendly down there.
  2. Used them for a major service on my 197 (belts/pulleys/pump) and was overjoyed with them. Cars still going strong in the wild now. I part exed it at 106k and if I can't find someone closer locally to take over servicing on the 275 after the service plan runs out I'll be going back to them.
  3. Used Ren7oaks to sort out my aircon and handbrake. In the end it needed new cables and the guide tubes replaced as the cable had seized in it. They were really helpful and were happy to spend time helping me fill in my warranty claim to try to recover the cost. I will be using them again and would recommend them.
  4. Just had my car back from Ren7oaks having used them in the past for my Clio. New swivel bearing, tracking sorted out and a pair of tyres. Top service, friendly, quick and will be going back shortly to have belts done as they are very competitive on price and (crucially!) know what they're doing.

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